Where is the Best BBQ in the City?


There are many fans of the Rib Pit on 14th Street in Columbia Heights. But we’ve never discussed where to find the best bbq in the city. I think my favorite is Kenny’s (pictured above) located on Maryland Ave. near Capitol Hill. So where is the best bbq you’ve had in the city?

Kenny’s has the bonus of a pretty sweet city sign:

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  • I dont mind Old Glory. And Rocklands for the Sandwhiches. Still havent been to the Rib Pit. Is it worth the trip?

  • The ribs at Johnny Boy are really good. It’s on Southern Avenue in SE, about 1/4 mile or so east of Pennsylvania Ave.

  • I’ll second for Rocklands, http://www.rocklands.com, not just for their sandwiches though. I’ve been there several times and it’s just amazing food with really decent prices, their sides dishes are just as good as the meat. I would definitely recommend the potato salad (Kalia really enjoyed it) and their mac and cheese. Pretty good corn bread too. And what’s really cool is that they cook their meats on red oak and hickory rather then using gas or electricity.

  • kenny’s is awesome!!! just wow. you can’t go to work after you eat lunch there, tho

  • saf

    Rib Pit, Rocklands, Market Lunch (all they have is a Carolina BBQ scandwich. It’s good).

    I used to like Kenny’s in Mt Pleasant, but they’re not there any more. Hogs on the Hill was good too, but they are long gone from the 14th and U location that I went to, and I’m not aware of any others. I also used to like Red Hot and Blue, but they’re gone from 19th St, and I haven’t liked the other locations as much.

    And for those of you heading north, while in Rochester (or Syracuse), stop in at Dinosaur BBQ. Oh my.

  • Old Glory. Actually makes it worth going to Georgetown.
    As a matter of fact that is where I will be heading after the Army Ten Miler.

  • Oh on the talk of naming old places that were great to eat but don’t exist anymore… someone on here commented about this great Korean place near Florida Ave. They had a blog on it and everything so I got super excited, picked out what I was going to order, called the number and well would you believe the woman answered and said “we have not been open for 6 years”

  • Definitely Rocklands. The babybacks are the best.

  • and Kenny’s BBQ used to be even better when its name was “Hogs on the Hill”. Classic.

  • I’m a veggie, but my dad says the Rib Pit is great even better than Rocklands.

  • saf

    DG – that was also a Hogs on the Hill? I did love them. I wonder if this is the same Kenny’s that used to be in Mt Pleasant.

  • I think Rockland’s is pretty overrated, and I do like the Rib Pit. I prefer Texas-style over Carolina BBQ, though, so good brisket is important to me.

  • I learned about the wonder’s of BBQ in Central Texas (smitty’s, black’s, kreuz, luling, gonzales, elgin – been to them all, multiple times), so i’ve been pretty disappointed with the Pork Centric stylings of most of the Pits.

    With that said, I really like the Beef Ribs @ Mr P.s off Rhode Island in NE is pretty good.
    It’s in the Safeway parking lot, located in a converted school business.

  • It’s probably Rockland’s, but Capital Q deserves a mention. Right in Chinatown…TX style not NC style.

  • There is still a Hogs on the Hill in NE at the corner of Bladensburg Rd. and NY Ave (where it turns into Rt. 50). Kenny’s is closer to home for me, but I prefer Hogs on the Hill.

  • Redline grill in Takoma Park,DC. Check it out its excellent. We’ve eaten there (togo) acouple of times. Can’t wait to go back…wait maybe I will get some more tonight.

  • Redline Grill on 4th & Blair NW

  • Mr. Ps – right out of the schoolbus in front of National Wholesale Liquidators on Rhode Island Ave.

  • Kenny’s is great. Do they still have the picture of Babe the pig next to the door? Also Red Line is very good, but sometimes turns to chaos. Their fried okra makes me swoon.

  • The best BBQ in the city is FatFace, located at 49th and East Capitol N.E.

  • I’m a Texan, so it’s all pretty mediocre to me. Pork, feh. Jet down to Llano, TX and hit Cooper’s Pit. It’s worth it.

  • Definitely Fat Face on East Cap– for sweet & smoky “wet” and Bobby’s Que on 12th Street, NE for Carolina Style.

  • Dinosaur in the ‘Cuse rocks!! Pierce’s Pit BBQ in Williamsburg is pretty damn good too…in case anyone is heading that way. I also like Rocklands.

  • My faves are, in this order:

    Rocklands; Nearly 20 years ago, I lived within walking distance, and ate there a bit too often, but I was hooked. Now I don’t mind making the the ocassional drive to G’Town for the babybacks and a side of corn pudding.

    Capital Q; haven’t been in a year or so, since the parking is so ridiculous, but I used to enjoy their generous portions of tender ribs and the spicy sauce

    Redline Grill: It’s within walking distance, and quite tasty, but the portions are a bit stingy for the price.

  • The Rib Pit is pretty good, but they take about a million years no matter what you order.

    Still, its across the street from my brothers apt, so it’s convenient.

  • there is NO good barbeque in DC, sadly.

  • OH MY GOD! I went to the Rib Pit the other evening for take-out and it is the most unbelievable BBQ I have ever experienced and the place is a stitch. There is a front area separated by bullet-proof glass, behind the glass is another room separated from the back (presumably the kitchen) area. No one was waiting so we went in and a woman appeared, extremely congenial. She took our order and disappeared into the back, then came out a short while later with the order completely packed and prepared to go. We paid and were on our way. NO FRILLS but the food, oh my God the food!!!

  • My problem with Rib Pit and so many others is that they cook pulled pork in the sauce, Carolina style. Good BBQ is Memphis style – dry rub only, taste the smokey flavor, then add your own sauce. I think Rocklands does this. Ribs at Rib Pit are good but add your own sauce….

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