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  • The people who collected our trash in our building put flag stickers on their trash cans on wheels after 9/11. I told them it was insulting to do that, but they thought I was crazy. And even weirder, some of my coworkers didn’t see how that was insulting either.

  • America – F Yeah!

  • The ridiculous over-use of the flag on fucking everything is one of the most bizarre things about the US.

  • My favorite is the flag-on-salt/pepper-packets.

  • How about flags on everything from middle eastern takeout places? i immediately think “overcompensation.”

  • doesnt this stem from the early dubya years though? i was just getting my political voice around 2001 (freshman year of college), which is about the time that it was all of a sudden extremely unpatriotic to not be balls deep in red, white, and blue or opposed to anything bush… i think a lot of us are just getting over the mind f*ck of living under 8 years of oppressive fear mongering tyranny, and one of the more visual effects of it is the american flag slapped onto any and everything post 9/11 in an effort to restate the patriotism that was raped out of us by the bush administration

  • Doesn’t anyone have the urge to go put an R after the T in Taylor???

  • I think it stems from our society’s penchant for huge-ass, ultra overt signs of “loyalty.”

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