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I’m super curious to know if anyone has tried this place out. It is called Thai X-ing and I must have passed it dozens of times without realizing it was a restaurant. Not sure how many people have checked it out yet but I thought I’d give it shot. It is located at 515 Florida Avenue, NW and you walk downstairs to get into the restaurant. Any fans out there?

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  • Thai X-ing is awesome. It’s just one guy, making fresh and downright cheap amazing Thai food. Call an hour in advance, because the guy makes everything to order. One of the best values in DC. Plus, picking up your food is an experience — the decor is really interesting.

  • is there a number/website?

  • Damn, it’s been discovered! The place really is more of a take-out as they have 1-2 small tables inside. The food is really good.

  • one of my good friends swears by that place. he believes the house like conditions increase its authenticity. i must say its tasty and cheap

  • thai xing is one of the best restaurants in the city. no joke.

  • please don’t bumrush this place. It has thankfully stayed under the radar of the stupid going out gurus, washingtonian cheap eats, etc., etc. Please don’t ruin a great neighborhood quirky place.

  • I can’t imagine there’s going to be a rush on the place (not to doubt the power of PoP) but it is very good.

    I haven’t ordered in a long time though because there was a reputation for taking a really, really long time. It may be more coordinated by now. I’m happy to see he’s still in business. The food is awesome.

  • there won’t be a rush – he doesn’t have parking and is hard to find. that said, their salmon is amazing. just have to plan ahead and ask when to expect it to be done.

  • http://www.thaix-ing.com/

    Have only been a couple times, but it’s always been delicious. I also recommend ordering ahead of time, but if you get there and have to wait a little bit it’s no big deal because it’s a very interesting place to hang out and watch him cooking in the back.

  • if this place is undiscovered than im abe lincoln.

  • I noticed they don’t sell beer or wine. Anyone know if you can BYO?

  • Everyone loves Thai Xing. Dude takes forever to make your food, but if there is better Thai in DC i havn’t had it.

  • I first heard of it when Tyler Cowen was being interviewed on WAMU/NPR. He and the interviewer got into a discussion about it: how it’s so difficult to find, how it’s designed for carry-out, how everything is made to order (thus takes an hour), and how he plans to open a new restaurant. I haven’t been there, but I’ve heard it’s very authentic and the best in Dee Cee.

  • I heard so many raves about this place I had to try it out for myself. Not impressed. I have had better Thai in Chinatown and we all know Chinatown sucks for the most part when comes to anything Chinese, Thai, Korea etc.. Be sure to order 2 days in advance if you want lobster or crab. If you want dinner, be sure to order it at least 4 hours in advance. Also, it is not an eat in friendly place.

  • the food is pretty good, but i don’t know if it is THE BEST THAI FOOD EVER as some of its supporters claim. but it’s pretty good. if you want to eat in, the place is SUPER CRAMPED. better for takeout.

  • best thai food in the city…all the haters can go to bangkok if they want to find better.

    taw (the owner and chef) is a great guy, and the people who work there in the front are often volunteers. there used to be an extensive library as well as animals in the front of the house, with just a small waiting area, but that’s been mostly done away with in favor of a few small tables.

    it’s a shame that pyramids restaurant, a moroccan place that used to be across the street, went under, because ledroit was getting a nice little restaurant area going there. oh well, thai x-ing still kicks ass.

    (fyi—those of us down here in the hood have known about the place for YEARS.)

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