New Clothing Store Coming to Petworth – Sneak Peek of FLY


Fly opens this Saturday the 13th of September. There is both men’s and women’s apparel. It is located at 832 Shepherd right off of Georgia. Nice to get some business into those stores. I still haven’t seen any progress on the Nigerian restaurant that is supposed to open next door. But it’s great to get some business going on that strip. Lots more photos after the jump.







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  • I’m always excited to hear about new clothing stores opening up in the DC area. I’m especially excited to hear about a clothing store opening up in the petworth area, in which I live right down the street from. Although i gave up my shopping habbit for a morgage, what kinda neighbor would I be if didnt support the local establishments.

    P.S. I am a huge fan of the site.

  • Oooh! Men’s shoes! In DC! Close to my where I live!

    Damn if I’m not moving to NY in November, unfortunately.

  • Yikes. GHETTO.

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