Looking Glass Lounge Gets New Juke Box

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Nice! I can’t stand those internet juke boxes. I get a bit too overwhelmed with all the choices. I think it’s far more fun to have a nicely stocked proper juke box like this. I always tend to play music that I don’t own on jukes like this one.

In other good LGL news. They now also have a new single malt scotch – OBan a 14 year old single malt. Plus they have a new bourbon – Blanton’s single barrel bourbon. Plus they have a new Irish whiskey, sadly not Powers, Clontarf which is supposedly a bit better than Jamesons. And finally they have a new seasonal beer by Post Road which is a Pumpkin Ale.

But back to the juke box.  Which do you prefer the classic ones like this or the internet ones?

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  • I certainly appreciate a well stocked ‘ol-timey Juke Box it is a positive reflection on the owners, managers, and the establishment as a whole. That being said, there are certain precious moment when I just ‘need’ to hear Zevon’s Mr. Bad Example. During those desparate times I’m proud to be a child of the information age and instantly gratify myself with the help of a Intraweb Juke box to the irresponsible melodies of my father’s music.

  • why do you like powers so much? Paddy’s is where its at!

  • saf

    FFP – your father’s music? Oh dear.

    And a well curated jukebox is always better than an internet jukebox. It gives you the ability to set a tone for a place.

  • @Saf, unfortunately the majority of Zevon’s greatest work was indeed ‘before my time’ or at least before I had a distinctive musical concious and awareness (Mr. Bad Example was popular when I was still an Alter boy myself). That being said, his last album (The Wind) [in part dedicated to his last stand against cancer] was ironically the first album that caught my attention.

    …as Juke Boxes go I think a small reconcilliation should be made between the two camps. A lot of bars play their music from an individual or collectives iPod; should the patron be willing to shell out the scratch I don’t see why a bar-wide iTunes couldn’t be created within the casing of traditional Juke.

  • I think old school jukeboxes are the way to go…selecting great music to put in the jukebox is certainly a lost art!

  • Speaking of the Looking Glass – anyone else tried the Swedish Fish infused vodka?

    Send lawyers, guns and money. Dad, get me out of this

  • I do love the the old school. There is a lost art in a great jukebox selection. Also, it prevents me from having to listen to Miley Cyrus forty times over the course of a night. In many ways, the Internet jukebox has been a blight across the land.

  • saf

    Oh, FFP, that’s sad.

    Why, no, I’m not a BIT Zevon obsessive, why do you ask? And no, I don’t have a complete collection (vinyl and CD), including the Hindu Love Gods album. (OK, it is not quite complete, as I am missing “A Quiet Normal Life,” and “Genius.” But those are compilations, and contain nothing that I don’t own on other recordings.)

    A number of years ago, I was headed out from my dorm room when I ran into a friend. She asked where I was going, and I said, “Zevon’s at the Bayou.” Her response, “He’ll never know, but all of US know that if Warren Zevon’s in town, Sarah’s spending the night with him.”

  • Werewolves of Petworth. Thats an impressive collection and I especially appreciate the vinyl lexicon, I’ve been meaning to dust off my turn table from my rents place and bring it up here for a while now. There are a couple shows I’ll always be sorry I was too late to see and Zevon is on the top of that list.

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