Judging Old Buildings


I think this one looks pretty sweet. It is the Washington House located at 16th and Florida. The corner with the circular rooms looks dope. What do you think thumbs up or down?

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  • Love it – DC has a few really nice examples of classic Art Deco and Moderne. The Hechts Warehouse is obviously another.

  • i’ve lived in this building, actually in one of the apts with the round rooms. it is absolutely gorgeous. the mgmt is also excellent, they keep the spirit of the building. thumbs UP!!
    in addition, awesome roof deck with some of the best views of the city, an exercise room, washer/dryer on every floor, a handy man that lives in the building, amazing front desk staff. it is a gem!

  • gorgeous.

    especially when compared to the new crap being built, each one with a corner “turret”, and jetisoning quadriculated balconies.

    new developers are SO LAME. except for jemal, of course.

  • I second Anna, one of my best friends lived there (until moving to Hawaii!) and had many a gathering on the roof deck!

  • great building. very nice inside. curved walls and fireplaces on some of the apts.

  • I also lived there and had a great experience though my apartment was not artchitecturally interesting it did have an amazing walk-in closet. I got priced out in 2006 but I am poor.

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