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  • Hey, yes, they had a big closing sale during that August Dog Days shopping thing (I got a couple good deals there, it was packed). The story I heard is that it was too hard for the owner to move between the DC and NYC stores and closed for that reason, not any trouble with the business.

  • OH so Pop, not PULP closed. I was getting sad and thinking, wait, I walked by there the other day and they looked open…

  • I heard the same about Pop, but would add that if you really dig their stuff you can check their website at http://www.shoppop.com/

  • Oh, this is the saddest of the inevitable summer-closings, in my book. Like mentioned above, Pop definitely closed early August, in order to focus more fully on the sister outpost in Brooklyn. But they promised to launch a quality online store this fall.

  • this is one of the best clusters of good stores selling unique, interesting, stuff….

  • I never trust stores that don’t carry men’s size XXL.

  • Appears that the number of stores at 14th & S selling moderately expensive clothes to young urban hipsters has now declined from three to two. Many of the people who actually live in the area and who shop at places such as Pulp and Home Rule aren’t nearly as young as the target audience for these clothiers. I’m waiting for a store that would sell clothes that aging Baby Boomers or Generation X members could wear. Until then, it’s further down the street to the land of 20 percent coupon savings at Macy*s!

  • Sheila (the owner of Pop) was doing well at that location but found that running two shops (she opened another in Brooklyn two years ago) was too much. She tried to find someone to take over the space but didn’t have any luck. Hopefully something cool (and reasonably priced) will go in there. We don’t need any more high end furniture stores on 14th Street IMHO.

  • I’m waiting for a boot outlet store…

  • It looks like Circle further down 14th is closing too, but Redeem is still open. Thoughts/news?

    Also, is anyone else still bummed over Pink November? The Georgetown outpost is terrible.

  • Last week, Circle had a sign in their window saying that they are closed for renovations. Unless something’s changed, I don’t think they’re closing, thank goodness!

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