Washington, DC


The reader writes:

“Here are some shots of our modest kitchen and half-bath remodel – I think we got a lot done (complete gut and remodel of a kitchen and bath) for what we spent ($18K). We are fond of the galley kitchen (and had a small budget), so we never intended to tear down any walls. We ripped up 4 layers of flooring (which incidentally gave us about 3″ of extra ceiling height), stripped many layers of wallpaper [4] and trim paint [9!], and upgraded the electrical; replaced the cabinets, the countertops, all the appliances, sinks, faucets, and added undercabinet lights. We did find an old window that had been tiled over, so opening that up gave us nice light; and we refinished the original pine floor. I have included shots of the half-bath, which was added in the pantry years ago (and covered in the same beige tile that was used throughout our entire house – foyer and all). We had to gut the bathroom as well because there wasn’t a lick of insulation in the walls and it would drop to 40 degrees in the winter. It is an odd place for a bathroom, but I have grown to love being able to sit on the toilet and watch my pots boiling over on the stove. We also don’t normally leave the bathroom door hanging open like that, doesn’t seem sanitary.”

I think it looks great. Send photos of your renovations to [email protected] Lots more photos including before after the jump.







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