Church Parking in the Middle of New Hampshire Ave. To Be Revisited Wed. September 17th

Remember the discussion we had about the church parking in the middle of New Hampshire Ave.? Well it is going to be addressed next Wed. So if you feel strongly about it this is your chance to be heard.  I also thought I’d keep in the section mentioning the discussion of the CVS slated to be built on the empty lot on Georgia near Looking Glass Lounge.  


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


  1. Revisit the median strip (pedestrian safety) issue on New Hampshire Avenue NW between Randolph and Shepherd Streets NW. (Mr. Muhammed Khalid, DDOT Ward 4 Project Manager, or his designee.) (Comm. Jones and Martin)

  2. CVS Pharmacy (Robb Lakritz of Lakritz-Adler)

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  • ANC meets at 801 Shepherd St NW and the meeting starts at 6:30pm

  • Give em hell, folks. Don’t let those horrible freeloaders from Maryland come in and continue to hurt your community like they do near Logan Circle.

  • First Baptist (I think that’s the church on the corner of Randolph and NH) can park on the streets like everybody else. There are no metered spaces or zone restrictions on Sunday, so they can find street parking like everyone else does. Though I’m not a church goer, I’m not a militant atheist either, which is totally irrelevant that I shouldn’t have even brought it up, but someone will. This is not an anti-church issue.

  • so yeah lets all go to this meeting and tell them we don’t want them parking there anymore, we want our trees!

  • go, neighbors. stick it to those christians….. (yes, i am using irony here)

  • Why does anybody care about those cars? it’s never been an issue, it doesn’t slow down traffic. I kind of like that all across the city those churches have their cars double parked on sundays. it’s kind of cool an unique to DC. I don’t go to church and I’m not religious but I can respect those that do and enjoy the crazy hats and the pretty dresses running across the street, cars all over the place. it’s kind of festive.

  • I don’t think people are favoring the median/trees project because they are anti-religion. The question is whether 1/3 of the project should be *eliminated* in order to favor a church, which has once-a-week services and a population that drives in from Maryland and Virginia and would like to park on NH Ave. While I am sympathetic with their wanting easier places to park, I don’t believe that outweighs the neighborhood’s need to have traffic calming on NH Ave and safer crossings for pedestrian, things which require permanent changes to the roadway.

  • If we are going to do this for the churches, why not do it for a business like Sweet Mango? At the least Sweet Mango provides jobs and taxes. Churches are mostly a drain on DC tax coffers. They pay no taxes. They occupy valuable land than goes on untaxed and UNUSED for 3-5 days per week.

  • saf

    Morgan – if your car were parked in regularly by the churchgoers, would you still think it was cool?

  • If the churches are able to keep their parking privileges, which I don’t think they should, I think the congregants should pay for the parking. They could do this by working in the neighborhoods they worship in by rehabilitating many of the local parks, plant trees around the neighborhoods, and clean up vacant lots and street and washing graffiti off walls. Wouldn’t it be great if every church goer picked up enough trash to fill up one full garbage bag every Sunday? Imagine how clean the streets would be.

    If they don’t want to pay through community service, then they should be required to hire at least one full time staff person who works every day to do the community service for them. If every church had one full time staff member whose job it was to tidy up the neighborhoods surrounding their churches, this city would be sparkling. So sparkling, maybe they may even consider moving back and investing in the communities near their churches.

    Parking ain’t free. I pay for it through my taxes, my car registration, and my parking permit fee. They should also have to pay for the privilege of parking on our streets.

  • Maryland day-trippers NO, trees and grass YES.

  • okay, some good points. and trust me, I have my own problems with parking due to a church on my block. if they are not double parked, they are parking in someones spot.

    I always tell my partner–what did I move to the petworth-burbs for if I can’t get a spot right in front of my house ; )

  • I encourage everyone who would like to voice their opinion (or just vote one way or the other) to PLEASE to go the meeting this week. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town but this is absolutely crucial. Don’t assume people will attend and vote just because they voiced their opinons on this blog, it’s time for action. This will be the last time we will have the chance to overrule the decision to cancel the median improvement project.

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