A Little Love For Thomas Circle


I recently walked past Thomas Circle and it’s looking good. I’ve never really thought of Thomas Circle before as a great “circle” like Logan and Grant circles. But it’s got a great statue just like Logan does. So who the hell was Thomas anyway?


So if you had to rate your favorite “circle” in DC which would it be?

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  • General George Thomas – He was the “Rock of Chickamauga” – a Union General during the Civil War (is there a Circle or Park in DC that isn’t named after a Civil War figure?).

    He basically saved the Unions ass during the Battle of Chickamauga. And went on to serve under Sherman during his march to the sea.

  • The National City Church in the background of your picture was designed by John Russell Pope, who designed the West Building of the NGA and also the Jefferson. I also really like the red church, which you’ve featured before.

  • Donnie – Actually, Thomas stayed behind to fight the remnants of J. B. Hood’s forces while Sherman struck Southeast. Thomas crushed Hood at Nashville in one of the most lopsided Union victories of the war. Hood helped by being stupid (or at least braver than he was smart), but the victory was Thomas’. The political generals in Washington and many of Thomas’ subordinates were screaming at the notoriously slow and deliberate general to take the offensive against Hood, but Thomas knew his adversary, let Hood chase him north for a few days, then pulled himself up in a basically unbreakable line around Nashville, knowing that the rash Hood would throw himself at the defenses. Hood did so, and Thomas fell on him like a landslide, basically abolishing the last big Confederate force in the West.

    Whew – Civil War geekout over. Sorry.

  • Hmm, on reflection (i.e. Wikipedia) I see have mashed up Nashville with Franklin, which occurred 2 weeks earlier. Oh well. Anyway, Thomas didn’t go to Savannah.

  • this circle needs some serious trees

  • It used to have a lot of beautiful old cherry trees. The District needs to do something about that, or is this National Park Service territory?

  • last year they finished a $ million + refurb of the circle. the cleaned it, planted, put in new sidewalks, etc.

    folks should have asked for trees to be put in at that time. it’s kinda late for that now.

  • My favorite is Logan.

  • my favorite is Circle Wine & Liquor
    5501 Connecticut Ave., NW

  • The circle has a lot of potential, but it needs trees and shrubbery like DuPont Circle, and some traffic enforcement b/c its a biker deathtrap

  • My thought is that this circle would be kind of blah if not for the architecture of the National City Church fronting along the circle.

  • This is one of my favorites just because I can see if from my apartment window. Its also an annoying circle when all the firetrucks go under the circle, thus echoing the sirens up and down the street.

  • Fave circle? Why, Sherman Circle of course! Quiet, tree-filled, up in the North Country with lots of neighbors out playing, running, walking dogs. Oh, and not a crack house in sight, with some nice gardens around the fringes. Easy on the bike riders, too. Must I go on?

  • tania…thanks for the link to shorpy.com! There are some amazing pictures there!

  • Scott circle!

    I don’t think the traffic redesign on Thomas circle was done very well (I know people might disagree). Going northbound, not enough cars from 14th street are let onto the circle. And the cycle takes forever based on the way the rest of the traffic pattern is. It is routinely backed up from the Circle to K street; and that’s a pretty busy corridor right there to be mucking up.

  • I miss the hookers.

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