Washington, DC


Cowgirl Creamery located at 919 F Street, NW is the greatest spot for cheese in DC. Like many Americans I am a huge fan of cheese. It sounds funny writing it but it’s true. Leave me with lox, bagels and cheeses and I could live for years. I’m still looking for a good lox spot but I need search no further for my new cheese spot. I can hardly believe it but this spot in DC has been open for two years now. I remember hearing from folks out in California, where the store originated, that this place was the bomb. I am embarrassed to admit that I only recently discovered it. So if you haven’t stopped by yet, delay no longer you won’t disappointed. Not only do they have dozens of cheeses but they also have wine, breads, olive oil, apple butter and sandwiches that are so popular that they often sell out. To check out all the cheeses they have an amazing library on their Web site. I was told the cheeses come from small farms all over the US and Europe. As always the pictures can do far more justice than I can write. All I can say is if you are a cheese lover it is well worth a journey downtown to check out this shop.  Lots of photos after the jump.

You can sample the cheese:

More cheese:

Wine and beer:

Local apple butter:

Jams etc:

Olive oil:

Super popular sandwiches that you can see often sell out:

And even more cheese:



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