Was There A Mini Storm Yesterday That Only Hit Columbia Heights and Petworth?

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Yesterday was bizarre as hell, yeah? I went into the Giant in Columbia Heights for only 20 or so minutes. Ed. note: They are having a great sale on bud can 30 packs! When I left the store it was like all hell broke loose. There were tree limbs and trees down on a number of streets but it was no longer raining and the sun was shining. This tree down is on 7th Street near Upshur. Someone at the happy hour said they thought there may have been a tornado. Did anyone experience this?

By the by, the happy hour was great. Thanks again to all who came out and thanks to Red Derby for being such gracious hosts.

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  • it came through tenleytown for sure… beautiful breeze after the storm

  • The same storm passed through Arlington near Pentagon City (the office). It was quite violent out here as well.

  • I was just stepping out to walk my dog when it hit, so I had a great view. It was about 10 minutes of ferocious wind and rain-that-was-almost-hail, and then it was gorgeous the rest of the afternoon. Bizarre for sure.

  • at work in bethesda is was an unbelieveable storm!

  • We had hail and downed trees up in North Country (Kansas/Hamilton). Seriously crazy, fast-paced storm.

  • It hit CUA yesterday too. I was over there, and one second it was sunny, the next it looked like a massive storm was raging outside, and then less than 5 min. later it was sunny again.

  • southeast too

  • I was in the Courthouse area of Arlington and, as I recall, it rained lightly for only a few minutes, then the sun came out again. My office window faces northwest toward the National Cathedral, and I saw no signs of a violent storm. Very strange indeed.

  • it was totally clear downtown, but I had a ton of water that came in through my open windows at home.

  • the post is saying a tornado hit PG county and far NE

  • Took out quite a few trees plus power lines and delivered some pieces of hail in Brookland.

  • Echoing the Brookland comments. I saw a tree knocked over on one residential street with “CAUTION” tape around it.

  • Local news said a micro-burst may have come through our area.

  • There were lots of little micro storms… err what Ferdelance said.

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