Sweetime Bakery Coming to 14th Street

A reader posted this great article from the Post yesterday. The article is titled “Changes on 14th Street NW Bring Challenges for Mom-and-Pop Shops” and starts:

“One of the Washington area’s oldest Central American commercial strips consists of about a dozen blocks of storefront pupusarías, beauty salons, check-cashing depots and Latin variety stores along 14th Street NW, north of Park Road. Many of these mom-and-pop businesses cater to the neighborhood’s immigrants, but that formula may have to change as the area rapidly gentrifies, business owners in the area say.”

We then learn at the bottom of the article:

“(Marleny Flores) plans to open a cafe called Sweetime Bakery on the bottom floor of her building in the fall. She plans to offer freshly baked Central American goods, Bolivian tea, health shakes and more. By next summer, she hopes to have a full patio up and running, she said.”

I think it sounds amazing, yeah?

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  • YUM!

  • Honestly, I’m having a hard time being excited. The baked goods I’ve had while in Central America have been dry tasteless bricks. I can only hope the versions Ms. Flores plans to sell are better. I’d happily be won over, if that’s the case.

  • Hmm… Maybe Bestway gives these baked goods a bad image, but I’ve never seen anything that appealed to me very strongly. I’m more of a flaky pastry and fresh baked bread person. Am I missing something? Is it an acquired taste, or are the baked goods that I see in the small Latino shops just sub-par?

  • Does anyone know what is going to be in the ground level of the Quiet Mind yoga studio building at 14th and Newton? I saw a liquor license application on the door but couldn’t make out the name.

  • There is apparently also a Latin cafe coming to another address close to the Tivoli (used to be… suprise and drum roll… a barber shop :)). I snapped a picture of the sign implying this, if I don’t get lazy I’lll send it to PoP.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for some redevelopment to speed up on that 14th St strip. Hopefully the new apartment building give a nice boost to it too.

  • GforGood, every time I walk by that store front, I think about taking a picture for PoP. Please send it in! I think it is called Pan Cafe or something like that, but after that it says “COFEE SHOP”. I am really torn about this. On one hand, that part of 14th needs new stores, on the other hand, do I trust people who can’t spell coffee to make good coffee?

  • I will lament the loss of all those mom-and-pop check cashing stores.

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