Reader Request Good Deal or Not?


This house is located at 3814 Kansas Ave. The remarks say:

“PRICE REDUCED! A rare corner lot and a spacious end-unit SUNNY home with new kitchen – stainless steel appliances, dining room with oak wainscoting & plate rail, new lighting, new main door, built-in cabinets in dining and breakfast rooms. Both 2nd and 3rd bedrooms have attached sitting rooms/playrooms. New roof w/warranty. Large deck. Attached GARAGE and additional space for two cars. All new light fixtures and 9’ high ceilings throughout. Much of the original trim and woodwork has been preserved, including 5-panel doors and oak flooring. Walkout basement and walk-up attic for extra storage.”

The full listing and photos can be found here.

The asking price is $545,000. So what do you think – Good deal or Not?

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  • sounds like a great house, close to metro, parking, excellent condition, nice light from side windows, basement & garage… What’s not to like about that deal?

  • I’m going with great deal unless there’s some structural issues like the back addition is shoddy.

  • Great deal — that house makes me wish I were looking to buy!

  • Yea, I walk by the house all the time and have wondered why it hasn’t sold yet considering the awesome yard, location, and price. This is really close to that newly stuccoed house on 13th you featured a while back which is asking almost $700K. And this one is on a much nicer, quieter street.

  • Indeed! I walk the dog by the house everyday, and it is marvelous. I am sort of sorry the kind neighbors with the cute kids moved out, but I am hoping a terrific new neighbor will move in. Need help? Our realtor, Roby Thompson, is amazing. Don’t forget that we will soon have the mocha Hut (with a new name) a few blocks away, and Safeway is still talking about building a new Lifestyle store in place of the Safeway we are now calling the Deep Six, thanks to PoP’s recommendation. And it’s a an easy tumble to and from the Derby.

  • I’m going with great deal. 545,000 for that is insanely inexpensive. In fact, I am now willing to admit that the DC market must be suffering if that has not sold.

  • And Cliff, they started the pricing at $595,000 and reduced it twice.

  • That does seem like a great deal. That driveway, garage and sideyard are great extra assets.

  • We looked at that house when we were home shopping. The rooms are big, but the reason we didn’t move forward was that all the bedrooms upstairs share one bath and we were looking for a master suite. The garage is a nice perk, too.

  • I live close by in a condo and have had my eye on that house for quite some time now. It’s beautiful on the inside. A bit out of my price range though, so I’m sitting tight til it comes down to my range (as I suspect are others). It’s on a particularly nice block, but sits between what seem to be two particularly hot gang/drug selling areas.

    This is the second or third time I’ve seen it referenced on this blog, so for my own purposes of wanting it to hang around until I’m ready, I’m not particularly thrilled about how much attention it’s getting.

    Alas, perhaps it’s not meant to be. I don’t know how much work the current owners have put into it themselves, but I remember seeing that they bought it for somewhere around $225K within the last few years.

  • Not to go against the grain but my realtor showed me this house when it first came on the market and I laughed in his face. 600 here!? Now that it has been reduced a couple times its getting closer to reality. I think the lot square footage has them dreaming of a big payday but most of the lot is in the front yard on Kansas ave and seperated from the smaller back yard by the drive way. Not ideal for outside entertaining. The comments on these posts are always biased though because the people commenting live near by and want to believe thier houses are worth more than they are.

  • I absolutely agree with anonymous above’s posting. And I still think it’s a bit too high. It’s only 3 bedrooms. People just aren’t moving for the price. Bet they’ll drop it some more. It’s on a semi-busy street, especially during rush hours. If it were on a quieter street, I bet it would have sold.

  • I just moved out of the neighborhood, so my motivation shouldn’t be suspect. Lots of house (already in good shape), lots of land, close to Metro. Looks like a good deal to me.

  • [email protected]:43, you must have a great relationship with your realtor.

  • Finally a GDON house I can comment on!

    I am one of the owners of this house, and left it after 7 years only because I have kids who will be entering school soon, and a job in Arlington. The house has a lot to offer, big rooms, lots of light, short walk to metro and shopping. We miss it.

    I’m glad to see the mostly positive comments here – these comments mirror in tone/sentiment the feedback we’ve gotten since putting the home on the market. Mostly great reviews, but the occasional negative feedback on the lack of a finished basement and master bath. So we’ve lowered the list price significantly to respond to the feedback.

    We bought the home for more than Perplexed indicated above. And as Perplexed alludes to, we did some significant work to the home – new kitchen, new roof, new electrical work, etc. We’ve had one contract that fell through because the financing didn’t pan out. And the house was #2 on the list (always a bridesmaid . . .) for 3 potential buyers.

    The constant media attention on the state of the economy/real estate market has certainly influenced everyone’s expectations about what they can get within their price range. I know that most people who think our list price is laughable probably can’t afford the home anyway.

    I think that we’ve done everything possible to indicate that we’re willing to move on the price. Given that my home has been on the market for way less time than the average days on market in this zip code/price range, I remain optimistic that someone will make an offer (that sticks) on the home. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Well I am the one that laughed in my realtors face and yes I have a great relationship with him and he had a laugh too. Seeing as how the price is now 50 grand less and will likely sell for even a bit below that I seem to have literally had the last laugh. And of course I can afford it. Who has their realtor show them houses out of their price range? I opted for a house in a better neighborhood closer to the things I like and it was less than 600 though I will admit smaller. But I was not trying to put anyone down. The fun of these GDON posts is the different opinions isnt it. My question is how much DID you pay for it and when? although I guess i could look that up if i wasn’t so lazy.

  • Anonymous 4:59. Comment about laughable was not directed at you.

  • In case people are interested in the price history:

    Price Reduced: 05/16/08 — $615,000 to $595,000
    Price Reduced: 06/07/08 — $595,000 to $575,000
    Price Reduced: 07/09/08 — $575,000 to $545,000

  • Another Petworth resident leaving because his kids will soon be entering school. Powell, at 14th & Upshur, is the neighborhood school. Its 70%+ free and reduced lunch demographics and the huge ELL population would make me not seriously consider it either.

  • Most people cannot afford a $545K house today, unless they are DINKs or retired with kids out of the house. And if they can afford that, they probably aren’t looking in Petworth or Columbia Heights.

    80K to put down, income of at least 185K and no significant credit card or other debt, prime credit to get a loan today. But perhaps if they can’t really afford it and they do purchase, we can look forward to bailing them out as taxpayers over the next few years.

  • I think that one of the POP interns should cross reference the sales information that is posted here with the Good Deal or Not posts and list what they actually sold for. Then we would know if it was a good deal (sold for or above asking price) or not (sold far below)

  • Geeeeez. You guys wanting others to look up the sales info for you are sooooooo lazy. I accomplished the task in 20 seconds. First I googled DC Property Sales to find the right website. Then I popped in the address. Viola

    The property sold in 2001. Less than half what it’s on sale for now. But that’s almost entirely inconsequential. 2001 is just a completely different era. If you don’t like that maybe YOU should have bought in 2001. These folks invested 7 years into the neighborhood and they are selling for what the market rate is. In fact they clearly aren’t being stubborn as they have tested lower price points.

  • Owner:

    You may want to get in touch with the people at Trulia, because they list in the “Public Records” section that the two last sales of the house were as follows:

    Sales History
    Historical home sale price (1): $249,500
    Prior sale date: Jun 11, 2001
    Change since this sale (1): +118%

    Historical home sale price (2): $125,000
    Prior sale date: Jan 3, 2000
    Change since this sale (2): +336%


  • Perplexed:

    This accurate. What do you think is amiss about the information?

    Thanks for your comments.

  • And 2008 is a completely different era from 2005. Bottom line, you don’t know what the market rate is until it sells.

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