Random PoP Experience

So I was at the corner of Georgia and Florida when I hear music blasting out of a store on the corner. It’s all good. As I get closer I see an extremely drunk woman singing and dancing. It’s all good. As I get even closer I hear the song that is being played, “…play that funky music white boy…”. At this point the drunk woman sees me and starts pointing at me and laughing hysterically while saying “funky white boy, funky white boy, yeah, yeah”. Then I started laughing. So there was this crazy drunk lady, and a goofy white boy laughing hysterically at the corner of Georgia and Florida. We must’ve looked like quite the pair. Further proof that the beautiful life still exists.

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  • i love DC man.

  • Glad you found it amusing, but I wonder how it would have gone in a situation where the words “black” and “white” were reversed in your tale of the beautiful life (all apologies to Wild Cherry, of course).

  • I was at the Safeway on Georgia, up near Piney Branch, the other night and there was a drunk/high older woman serenading everyone with her homemade song – which went something like “oh, my beeeeeaaauuutiful blue balloon, my blue balloon….” Everyone was cracking up. Then as I checked out and headed for the doors, I overheard her tell the teenaged kid who was ringing her up that “you are cute, yes you are. i could just crawl up into your BEHIND. yes i could.” I almost peed my pants laughing all the way home.

  • I usually see a happy gaggle o’folks on that corner by the shop with the PA blasting righteous go-go. Drunk, sober, dancing, not dancing, all good. Much smiles.

  • In my mind’s eye, that would have been a great segue into a dance off.

  • I’m just surprised you could hear her say anything — the front of that shop is possibly the loudest place on earth.

  • My little girl and I call that the dancing corner. It is a very happy place.

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