Mayorgo/Asian Bistro Owner Mark Ko Provides a Status Update

“I just had the time and opportunity to look through the blogs on your website.To all those followers I just want to reiterate, that I love Mayorga Coffee their brand and quaility far exceeds most coffee shops in this area. Though I’m sad to part from Mayorga Coffee I am excited about our new restaurant/bar. We’ll have a sushi bar downstairs in the 14th Street entrance and still have our Korean menu offerred throughout our space. I’ve seen a tremendous amount of interest for Chinese cuisine and I’m sure I could incorporate several of those dishes in due time. I’m also looking into providing outdoor seating along Park Road, the biggest hurrdle being getting approval from ABRA/DCRA.

As far as events on Friday nights, this is an attempt to bring in guranteed additional sales to our struggling bar business. I hope with the new Asian Bistro we will be able to do well enough and and do away with the parties.

About the rumor concerning Carvel Cinnomon and Mayorga, we sold/leased our coffee and espresso equipment to the owner at Carvel/Cinnabun.

And while we are remodeling our space downstairs I want to extend our happy hour specials all night ($2 off all draft/bottle beers and $4 rail drinks) I just want to thank everyone for their support.”

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  • you sound very nice mr. ko but I think you need Gordan Ramsey to come lend you a hand.

  • Anything the community can help to lobby for ABRA/DCRA approvals for the outdoor seating?

  • I am eager, EAGER not to have to drive to Annandale to get excellent Korean. Very pleased with this turn of events.

  • Thanks for engaging the community, we very much appreciate it. All I ask for re: sushi is make it high quality. If the fish is very fresh and well-prepared by an expert sushi chef, I (and I’m sure many like me) will happily patronize your business on a weekly basis. If it’s no better than something you can get at Harris Teeter or whatnot, there will be a struggle to survive. On the one hand I’m glad to hear about the Chinese dishes as I am not a big fan of Korean cuisine, but if you are going to stick with Korean, maybe best not to overextend. Much better to do 1-2 things really well, then several things at a mediocre level. I do hope the grayed out windows become a thing of the past to entice more people into the very attractive interior space. And count me in as a supporter of outdoor seating … that would really help your visibility.

  • Yes, please, no matter what becomes of the space, the opaque film on the windows should be removed. Then, potential customers can see inside, and actual customers can see outside.

  • Gordon Ramsey could spend about three season’s worth of time in DC and not even get through all the resturant nightmares in the 4D alone.

  • I am excited about Korean food and I totally agree with Irving, with the price of gas these days I just can’t bring myself to head down to Annandale for some bulgogi and galbi!

  • Big korean food fan, very psyched for this news.

  • Yes, please remember that the Adam Express sushi in MtP is passable already. There is no reason to serve the “same old/ same old” that you can get there or the awful packaged standards available at Harris Teeter. Do something wild that makes your restaurant unique.

    Remember also that Adam Express probably already has you beat for Korean food too. I don’t eat beef, but shoot, that place is considered an unheralded gem.

    I argue with some friends of mine who operate a Korean Deli and they always focus on what other stores are doing that’s popular because while they’re in the business, they don’t understand the restaurant business. I know wonderful people who don’t get the restaurant business.

    Is there an MBA in your past? If not…

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