Time to Play Good Deal or Not?


I thought this one was an interesting one because it looks like it might be a fixer upper. It is located at 743 Quebec Place, NW. The flier says sold “Strictly As is, 6 bedrooms, 3 full baths, two decks, original hardwood floors, original wood details, skylight, bay window, parking…”.

The price – $499,000. Sounds a bit ambitious to me. Good deal or not?

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  • I’d say good deal, mostly because of its size. It’s definitely a fixer-upper, and depending on the floor plan you might be able to make the inside a pretty nice space. Odd, though, that this website says it’s in CH when it’s clearly not.


  • It would be a steal about 4 blocks west. I was recently in the market for a fixer upper and saw comparable houses size wise. one on rock creek church was 380,000. Might still be on the market. There is also a large one right on 13th a block from the metro going for 490 I think but it has no parking.

  • the “strictly as is” makes me think that there is a LOT of work that needs to be done. When we were looking for houses two years ago, we found a lot houses of this size/condition in the 450 range, and considering that prices have come down, I agree that this seems lofty.
    But who knows- maybe someone bought it as a fixer upper and has done some of the major work already but now can’t keep up with it financially? If it has all new plumbing/electric etc, it might be worth looking at.

  • According to this, the price is down to 479….
    Also noticed that the basement is an apartment, which makes me think this is a better deal.

  • I’m actually looking for a fixer-upper… how’s that block?

  • Anything on the east side of Georgia to Park Place, between Taylor and Newton Street is in a very stable neighborhood.

  • Looks like this one is in parkview and very close to the Metro – which is why the listing says Columbia Heights. According to the city, I think all homes in Parkview are offically listed as Columbia Heights. I would love to live that close to the subway, my ten minute walk further down in parkview is getting old.

  • I was curious how much this was going for.

    Damaged…I live on this block and generally feel pretty safe. I am a young, white female and although I have actually seen shootouts on the block, I feel that everyone actually living on Quebec Pl has been welcoming and friendly.

  • gorgeous! if it still has original interior details, then you no nobody with no taste has come through and sucked the life out of the house. I have walked by this location at night — close to looking glass lounge and quite close to the metro!

  • This is in the legal subdivision of Columbia Heights.

    As others have said, it is one of those HUGE houses on Quebec and really close to Metro. Because of the foreclosures, we have seen a significant drop in shell prices (btw, most of the foreclosures I’m seeing in NW are investors who ran out of steam, so good time for ambitious owner occs to get in). I like it in the low $400’s, maybe even under $400k, considering that rehab will cost $150/sq foot and more space means more expensive rehab.

  • I’ve been in it. Has a lot of great original woodwork and flooring. But on the downside, the front and back porch need to be repaired or rebuilt, the bathrooms and kitchen need to be replaced, has not central air, and some of the windows are nonfunctional.

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