Washington, DC

Dear PoP

“I was just wondering if you could do a post about sexual harassment on the streets? Walking between Petworth and CH and back Saturday garnered me no less than 9 comments, ranging from Que Puta to Hey White Girl come here! and so on and so forth. I don’t know if it’s the standard summer heat causing trouble or what, but I feel like tensions have been way up this week!”


Tired of being harassed.

From a follow up email that made me laugh (despite the serious topic at hand).

“I’ve been living in Petworth for over two years and aside from the time someone set a stolen car on fire outside of my kitchen window, this is probably the most drama I’ve had to date. ”

Dear Tired,
Unfortunately, I have recieved a number of emails along these lines over the past month or so. Ed. note: the emails I have received have discussed street harassment in Petworth, Columbia Heights and Shaw. It really aggravates me to know so many people have to deal with such unpleasantness. As I am very tough lad from the mean streets of Long Island I haven’t had to deal with this problem. But from talking to those who have dealt with it I can pass along what they’ve told me. Walk with authority but don’t look like you’re trying to pick a fight. Don’t slow down. If the comment is not outrageously rude you can smile, say thank you or nod but keep walking straight. If you feel threatened try and walk into a store or restaurant if you are along a busy street.  I’m afraid that’s all I have.


So for the ladies who have encountered this unpleasantness what advice can you offer? Is this type of behavior typically worse in the summer months?


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