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This building at 1527 12th Street has a sign that says First Genesis Baptist Church. Although a neighbor living near by said that he believes the building is vacant. Lots of potential to this building, yeah? Anyone know if the church still owns it?

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  • probably, the church owns it. like shiloh, these religious freaks leave dc and keep their properties vacant “in the name of the lord”. it boggles the mind. i’d like to comment on their rationale, but there is none. it’s about fake religious people making stupid promises to stupid people, in the name of salvation. very sad.

  • in the meantime, it is a wonderful building!

  • poo poo – what is up your a-*&*^ that you would think what you think of religious people?

  • What’s up OUR collective a–*- is that a few churches own a disproportionate share of abandoned properties (especially in Shaw), and that those abandoned properties are almost strategically located in such a way as to discourage local development. Oh, that and many of the properties are in such bad shape as to constitute a public health and safety issue. Oh, and that most of properties are not assessed as vacant, but are held tax-free. Oh and that the congregations of the churches in question haven’t lived in the neighborhood in over a decade, yet continue to assert their influence over the local ANCs. I suppose that’s a start…

  • It is criminally sad to have delightful buildings like this one sit unrenovated. How much longer can it survive without rehab? Those great wooden features above aren’t going to last. As it becomes too far gone to restore to former glory, the church can sell it, paying no taxes on its sale, and it will vanish to be replaced by something that will be ok, but huge and charmless.

  • I have a thought why churches keep the buildings abandoned. These churches could make a mint on selling these properties. So why won’t they? It just does not seem reasonable to leave money on the table. My thought is that if the churches were to sell their abandoned buildings, particularly around Shaw, that would speed the gentrification in those areas.

    Look at Metropolitan on R St. as an example. When the Logan Station condos went up there, the people paying 700K for a condo suddenly had a voice. And they were not to keen on having churchmembers flouting the law and blocking them in. If you are a councilmember and you have very affluent constituents complaining about something, you had better listen and get something done.

    That is a church’s worst nightmare as few if any of Metro’s members live in any of the new developments. Shiloh is in a similar situation. However, it owns much of the land around it. In their case, better to be abandoned than sold to the highest bidder. Abandoned buildings have no voice.

  • we can’t say “ass?”

  • Prince Of Petworth

    you can. It is a word used by spammers so it gets filtered.

  • I think these old corner buildings look like they were once pubs back in the day.

  • the churches around that building are horrible neighbors who keep dozens of abandoned buildings in the area, refusing to use or sell them, but letting them stay as eyesores, places on which homeless people urinate and defecate, add graffiti, etc. shiloh is one of the worst offenders, and it keeps buildings which are dangerous to the public, refusing to do necessary upkeep. vermont avenue baptist also keeps abandoned buildings, including one just next to it on vermont at Q.

    question: i know when regular landlords in the District keep buildings vacant and abandoned, they are subject to a much higher property tax. does the same tax apply to churches? because they are some of the WORST OFFENDERS…

  • i want to make one follow-up point, which supports what others have said: by records of the churches in that area themselves, OVER EIGHTY PERCENT of the congregants live in the suburbs.

    and of the less than 20% of the members who actually stayed in the District instead of leaving decades ago, almost none live in the actual neighborhoods.

    for example, when one of the churches objected to a bebar opening (because it was gay), it did not have standing b/c they couldn’t even find one member who actually still lives in the neighborhood.

  • yay!!

    ass, ass

  • not to get off subject but why are religious people always shocked that Free Thinkers harbor a distain for religion? “where does it come from?” they ask as if there is a shortage of reasons. as if the religious of the world are just minding their own business and doing nobody harm.

  • Oh, come on. I’m sure there are plenty of other cultural institutions that have caused more death and destruction in the recorded history of human existence than religion… for some reason I’m just having a hard time coming up with them 🙂

  • ontarioroader: see ‘End of Faith’ by Sam Harris

  • I went by this place one evening a few weeks ago and there was a small Spanish-language service in process. It’s the only time I’ve seen activity inside.

  • religion is the opium of the masses. in dc, some religious real estate holdings are the masses’ opium den. and urinal… and shoot-up quick joint… etc. you fill in the blanks.

    AND, do a search and see what these so called “pastors”, “bishops”, or whatever are driving. bentleys, rolls royces, mercedes, etc.

    it’s a crock.

    BUT hey, if you believe it, you’ll go to heaven!

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