New Art on Old Fire Boxes


There are a whole bunch of old fire boxes that have been decorated by the Art & Media House. A reader told me about this one and then I found two others on my walk around town. I’ll post the others throughout the week. I’m a huge fan. Do you like it? More photos after the jump.




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  • I guess they are okay. The only one I’ve seen is on Otis Street between 11th and 14th I think and it looked kinda shabby.

  • I like the concept but I don’t get why they used materials that are not going to hold up to being outdoors and are likely to look trashy within a short period of time.

  • I think it’s a bit shitty. You should see the ones they have in Kalorama- amazing.

  • Anyone see the painted TV on top of the transformer at 16th, Harvard and Columbia?

  • I don’t think these are meant to be on display for very long; it’d before the great historical ones are designed so for now I think the are funny.

  • I was out walking the other day and came upon one of these on 11th St. As I approached, I thought, man it sucks that people have to put their trash everywhere. Then I realized what I was looking at. So, yeah, I kind of agree that these, while a good faith effort, aren’t all that great.

  • I can assure you all that these are indeed temporary. The final, and quite nice, pieces will be installed at the end of the summer.

  • Let’s hope the final pieces aren’t as trashy looking. The one at 11th and Girard looks like someone lit a trash can on fire.

  • That’s around the Wonderland… never noticed it!

  • The fireboxes are cool in their own right, especially when they are painted in an interesting way and covering them in this trashy manner is annoying. If the artist’s intent was to annoy, I offer congratulations on your selfish success. Now take this crap down.

    The utility boxes are another matter. Give them the wildest of interpretations. My favorite candidate for a makeover (or removal) – the one that sits proudly in the planter outside The Heights on 14th. What an eyesore.

  • Umm… I can only speak for the one at 11th and Girard when I say I am on the verge of tearing it down myself. It is a pile of trash and I don’t appreciate having to look at it every day. Seriously… chicken wire, tin foil, trash… wtf?

  • In their defense…

    1. The artists are highschool students participating in a summer program
    2. The sculptures are temporary (2 to 4 weeks)

    They will be replaced by subtler, permanent installations later in the fall

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