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  • My question about bump outs is really, how much square footage are you adding for all that work? What’s the price per square foot of livable space? I repaired, just repaired, a walled-in porch and it cost about $23k. If I was to do that in brick it would have been $50k minimum and I suspect brand new work would have been $75k minimum and that whole space for us was no more than 240 sq ft. a pop up might add an additional 1000 sq ft for $150k.

  • that house was or may still be for sale. For some ridiculous price like 750 or something. It seemed to be a lot bigger inside then it looks though and had an interesting lay out.

  • That really looks awful to me. Old and awful.

  • DCer, I rebuilt a front porch top to bottom for $5K — I am surprised it cost you so much, but must have been a larger porch! Generally, you assume $150/sf for renovations and probably higher for new construction such as a bump-out.

    Anon, it is indeed for sale, it’s huge — many, many bedrooms — it was owned by a female cop thus the location is great across from the police station.

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