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There’s been a lot of talk lately about how bad local news coverage in DC (proper) is. So I’m wondering how folks get their local news – from mainstream media or blogs and listservs? If you get your local news from multiple sources explain a bit how it works in the comments section. If you get your news from the mainstream media – who is the best and who are your favorite columnists/broadcasters?

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  • Don’t sell yourself short, I get a lot of info right here.

  • I clicked on PoP and broadcasts, but they are not television broadcasts. I enjoy getting in-depth news from Kojo on NPR.

  • Everything but t.v. because I don’t watch t.v.

  • Won’t vote until NPR is up on here, or at least “other”..

  • Agree with JnDC – WAMU is my primary source, then Post Metro then blogs like this, Mt P & Columbia Heights Forum.

  • Washington Post. I do not watch any local newscasts. All they discuss are murder and mayhem and sensationalize all that to boot.

  • I am an NPR – WAMU junkie – all my morning local news comes from them. After that is the Washington Post but I don’t read it cover to cover…

  • I listen to the WTOP podcast in the morning on my way to work.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    My bad, I totally forgot about NPR/WAMU. I’m still learning…

  • All of the above, plus WAMU and WTOP.

  • I have to add a comment about DCIst …I find it totally disappointing. It’s full of items I think probably appeal to very few people (“Classical Music Agenda” “Around the Ists”). It comes off as not having a lot of local knowledge other than what you can get by reading the City Paper or the neighborhood blogs. Much of their coverage in fact is just pulled from other local media so already second-hand news. Kind of lame. I do really like their photo collection on Flickr and their photo features, but that’s about it!

  • allof the above, city paper for art events ect only

  • Love the local tv news personalities. It is one of the few truly universal subjects that all locals (and _only_ locals) can relate and bond about. Nothing to do with the quality of the newscasts, but who can’t share a few laughs over Lindsay Czarniak’s weave/extensions, Jim Vance’s cadence and odd pauses, the hilarity of the Fox 5 news team (who’s out in the field tonight and who’s behind the anchor desk? what’s up the perfectly-plucked eyebrows of Will Thomas?), McGinty’s mailbag, the height of Topper Shutt, the sports girl that 9 brought in to compete against Lindsay Czarniak, Leon Harris’ truly magnificent ‘stache, and what about the Sunday night newcasts’ amateur hour? Goodness, do I love me some local tv.

  • WAMU (NPR) all the way!

  • Add another for WAMU.

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched a full episode of the local news. I don’t dislike it per say, I just can’t seem to physically sit through it, I’m not sure why. Something about it just doesn’t work for me.

  • I watch the news every a.m. and read the Washington Post (which is oftentimes the source of the newscast information) and then various blogs. I *trust* the Post most, but I’m also a journalist so …

  • I am assuming that all the praise for WAMU has to do with the fact that they are an NPR ( and its overly cool announcers) affiliate. It is not as if any of the local news has much depth…. Oh, except for the Redskins’ every move.

  • One word to explain why I refuse to watch local TV news: TEASERS. What a gross insult to the audience’s intelligence, and utter disrespect for their time. “A shocking new threat to your personal safety. We’ll tell you about it, later in this broadcast.” Bastards! Would it be that hard to have given a quick summary, rather than a content-free teaser?

    Unfortunately, this technique has become so ingrained in our collective psyche that I very occasionally catch an NPR host using uninformative teasers. The difference is, on the rare occasion that NPR does it, it seems almost inadvertent or self-consciously ironic.

    My poll answer: Washington Post, WAMU/NPR, and local blogs

  • WAMU. But I take my social commentary from BSG.

  • I never do the teevee. Although I’m comforted by the fact that Jim Vance is still with us. I’ve seen bits of the so-called “morning news” offerings on local stations and can’t stomach it. Particularly Channel 5, which needs to be burned to the ground immediately.

    Actually, I’m sure we could produce a new, expensive, and hyper-local variation of fois gras, by force-feeding Will Thomas into the gut of Holly Morris and film it being serving it up during Restaurant Week, and air it on Channel 5’s morning broadcast. How irresistably meta.

    Personally, I endorse WAMU, some WTOP, and the neighborhood listservs.

  • saf

    All of the above, plus WTOP.

  • Expat, I totally agree with you! I also am most annoyed by the sensationalist teaser tactic they use to try to con people into buying into their news channel. It is totally an insult. If people are going to watch the news for news they will anyways and if they are trying to capture more audience than maybe they should be better newscasters instead of using cheap scare tactics to get ratings.

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