Dude, This Dude Was Crazy!

Apparently a dude from Shaw faced an attempted mugging on his porch on Westminster Street. And fought off the muggers! (Hat tip DCist.)

He explains why he fought them off:

“Well in my pockets were not only my wallet and cellphone, but my brand new digital camera that I had purchased to document my mother’s wedding & excursions in Colorado. Had the thugs pulled out a gun or a knife I would have surrendered everything, but they didn’t, and I knew that if I would have voluntarily handed them the contents I would have lost all the photographs & video clips forever.”

Damn. Three against one. Well, thankfully he wasn’t hurt too bad. It’s funny as I often walk around for 5-6 hours taking photos I often wonder what I would do if I was mugged with my camera. Sometimes when I’m walking around alleys in Shaw or Bloomingdale I get a very unsettling feeling. In a similar circumstance I’d like to think that I’d fight as well. However, I suspect if these guys approached me on my porch not only would I have handed over everything in my pockets I probably would’ve invited them inside my house and given them my glue stash, my prized Adlai Stevenson and Eleanor Roosevelt photograph among other valuables. Insane. Do you think this guy made the right choice or just got supremely lucky?

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  • Supremely lucky. He should probably consider moving too.

  • I’d bet that fighting back is the best way to turn a run-of-the-mill mugging into a mugging-turned-homicide. Hell, these p.o.s.’s will shoot even if you look at them funny.

  • If everybody always fights like hell, the “price” of robbery goes way up, so presumably criminals will look for easier crimes.

    But if no one ever fights back, it’s a low-risk crime that you can engage in on a lark, and you get more of it.

    Or, you can move to a neighborhood where such issues aren’t everyday concerns.

  • this makes me insane… the trash that hangs out on the streets and commits crimes like this, ugh…they are the terrorists that we should be fighting. if these guys are caught, they should be sent to gitmo and tortured for putting fear into their NEIGHBORS hearts…foreign religious extremists, yeah theyre a problem, but when youre own country men create chaos and terror in the communities that they share with their victims, those are the real terrorists that need to be stopped.

  • The flip side of Expat’s comment is that, in a world where everybody fights back, robberies with heavier weapons will be even more common than they are now. In my experience (I’ve sadly had a few), if you look like the type that might fight, perps just attack first and don’t ask nicely for your valuables.

  • I got jumped in Chinatown back in 1990. In that instance, I chased after the perps and caught one. Cops showed up just as I was tussling with him. I appeared before a grand jury and he went to jail for a long time (long prior record). In 2002 I was mugged on Mt. Pleasant Street. The two perps pushed me into a corner an demanded my wallet, cell phone etc. I gave them nothing. I did get a bloody nose out of the deal though. In neither case was a weapon used. I would not voluntarily turn my property over to criminals unless a weapon was involved.

  • Even if your perps aren’t brandishing a weapon, there’s always a chance they have one. I think the moral of this story is never carry anything you’d feel a need to fight for. A little cash, a credit card you can easily cancel, an inexpensive cell phone, what else do you need?

  • When I am alone and in a situation where I think the situation of a mugging may arise, I will take most cash and credit cards out of my wallet, stash them separately in pocket, so that I can hand over the wallet with far less loss. Thankfully (knock on wood) that situation hasn’t arisen for me.

    I’d like to think I’d fight, but should the case arise, I am not sure ….

  • Cristobal – amen to that – minus the torture part. 😀

  • I’d say – fight back. If more people did that, the little gangsters would think twice before mugging people out on the street or on their porch.
    As a matter of fact, I have baseball bat and large can of pepper spray in my car and I am ready, just for that – fighting back. I had to use it more than once when seeing someone being mugged out on 14th Street or to protect my self from crackhead who was trying to get into my car and people it works! Yeah, they can carry a gun but if they don’t they run a high chance that I will beat the s* out of them and maybe, just maybe, this will be the last time they try this on an innocent looking guy.

    Oh – and to the comment about moving from annon. – I can’t afford to move because unlike the gangsters, I have two jobs (neither of them is selling drugs) and I am still barely making my mortgage payment.

  • PoP- to answer your question, I think he made the right choice for him. This is a fight or flight type of decision that is very individual. I’m glad it turned out to be a pretty successful decision for him.

  • wow, gforgood and cristobal agreeing…i noticed that the weather was a little cooler yesterday and this morning, but i didnt realize it was because hell had frozen over! 😉

    and a side note, i dew no the differance in youre/your, their/theyre/there… sumtimes i just aint two good at processing it while im be typing/ sorry!

  • Anonymous 9:08–your comment makes me sad. We shouldn’t have to live in fear of being mugged. Just the fact that someone thinks they have the right to take what is mine…it infuriates me!

  • To those who think fighting is the right answer, ask yourself how much is your life worth. Did you guys forget about Brian Beutler already? He was shot twice over his iPhone not two weeks ago.

    If even one out of 100 muggers has a gun, then you’ve decided you’ll bet the contents of you pockets against your life at 100 to 1 odds. I don’t know about you, but my life is worth a HELL of lot more than that. And in reality, probably 1 in 5, or more, muggers is carrying a gun or other weapon.

    This is not about “taking the streets back.” Most of us don’t live in fear, there is no revolution, no dictator that needs to be overthrown. In 18 years in DC I’ve been mugged once. I walk everywhere in Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, U Street. I don’t feel unsafe.

    Yes, muggings are common overall, but this is a big city. For any individual, they are rare events. There is no benefit to fighting back, and your own stupid action isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about whether or not to go and jack someone tonight. There’s no enemy to defeat, any more than we can defeat the “enemy” in Iraq or win the war on terror. Just give it up, and live.

  • I understand his frustration with these a——s, but there is one seriously mean-spirited element raising hell on DC streets. Hell, they might kill you even if you give them what they want.

  • I think he did the right thing although I wonder what his mother’s opinion is?.

  • I wold like to suggest when this punks get caught – and their lifestyle will eventually catch up to them, they be sterialized. It seems like these punks are good at doing three things – littering, crime, and procreating. Make it no different from the pound, they are afterall animals!

  • I wonder what is the description of the muggers?

  • I think Expat is on to something about raising the “price” of doing a robbery. But the way to raise the price is NOT by having the victim fight back. It’s by getting the police to actually catch the criminals and attaching real consequences to such crimes.

    As it is now, the “price” of doing a robbery is almost nil because the chances of getting caught are near zero and EVEN IF CAUGHT there are virtually no consequences. Crime does pay in DC!

  • I think they might think twice if as punishment, they got thier nuts whacked off!

  • lucky very lucky, if they were brazen enough to come up on his porch im suprised they did not beat him to death or close to it.

  • Jamie-

    In some sense I agree, I walk everywhere smart and feel safe. As for the enemy? There is one. Fear. I will not be made to feel afraid in my own home. I will fight back. Is it worth it? yes. I don’t have a wife or kids. I just have pride and principle.

  • Good work Nicholas…way to fight back!

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