Condos Above Petworth Metro Watch


Starting to fill in a bit. Can’t wait until we learn about the first floor retail.

After the jump check out a cool photo of how the crane is in the middle of the building. How will they remove it?


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  • With a bigger crane, of course!

  • Looks like this will be close to the finishing deadline of December or early January eh..? Also looks like they are beginning to move the jersey barriers from the new center medians located on New Hampshire ave, just below this. PoP any updates on the street projects? Are they putting the trees in this summer?

  • wait, when is this supposed to be finished? Dec/ Jan? of 2010?

  • No, supposed to be done in just about 5 or 6 months.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    I believe the encased space the crane currently occupies will become an elevator shaft. wow didn’t realize they’re anticipating completion by EOY 2008. I was thinking more along the lines of Summer 2009. Though I’m not surprised – each week they reach a new milestone in the site’s completion.

  • Yes that is the coolest thing about a crane: In a big building like that, the body of the crain actually remains inside the structure to become the elevator shaft!

  • The mast of the crane certainly doesn’t become a part of the building; it’s removed, piece by piece. Sometimes the hole that remains is replaced by an HVAC or elevator shaft, sometimes it gets covered up.

  • so if the building is supposed to be completed by the end of the year, when should we expect to hear about the retail?

  • Frankly, I find that schedule highly optimistic, at least for having all the condos finished and people moving in. just look how incredibly long it took in the CH metro area. they may be able to open some of the retail a bit earlier.

    all I’ve heard on the retail is the Mocha Hut. Oh and I think they mentioned some other propects in PoP’s interview with the developer, right?

  • i wonder if there are any plans to sell the stores across the street from where the building is going up? E.g. the hardware store that hasnt been open for over 2 years, and the beauty supply/wig store which is hideous, and and and and…..that strip of stores could be so nice but they just arent 🙁

  • Ummm, the hardware store is open almost every day — Unfortunately, they’re pretty much only open regular business hours, 9-5, and not on Sunday (I don’t know about Saturday). The stock is somewhat disorganized, old and dirty (they have seeds from 2004 or so) but I’ve gotten keys made there, sent a fax and they even have a notary public. And they’re fine for basics like WD40, nails, drywall bolts, etc. The owner/staff are very nice and stuck it out through construction of the Metro station and bad years in the neighborhood, so I’d like to see them make it — a coat of paint and some new stock would made a world of difference.

  • Same goes for Cooper’s on 14th. I mean come on! They got a 80/20 grant from the city to paint the exterior and put up fancy new signs. How much does it take to crack open a couple of cans of paint (yeah, they are a hardware store after all) and paint the damned interior too and clean it up a bit. I wish they would try a little harder.

  • I talked with the one of the principal developers last week who mentioned that the project should be complete by this time next year. He didn’t mention the plans for the retail spaces but he did say that there are at least 40 people on the waiting list ready to put contracts down once they begin selling.

  • where is Cooper’s located?

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