Anyone Check Out the Pottery Sale in Petworth Last Weekend?


Remember the Pottery Sale I mentioned? It was pretty sweet. And the house where it was held was unbelievably dope sky. There were a number of potters featured as well as a few paintings. If you missed this one you have to check out the next one for sure. Lots of photos of the pottery and super cool house after the jump.








They even have a roof deck and solar panels!


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  • Two too many cocktails+ that staircase=lots of broken pottery. And bones.

  • Solar panels. Cool (or should I say hot?)! Are those for solar water heating? Can the owner provide us with any info on that? How well does it work? Do they have a back-up water heating system for cloudy days? Have their utility costs dropped significantly? I would love to hear more about it.

  • Those appear to be photovoltaic panels (sun + solar panel = free electricity). Also some nice light tubes too.

    I thought code required railings on staircases….

  • Code does require it on staircases, but as long as they aren’t selling right now and are just living in it then you can have it however you would like, sans railing.

    Would love to know their contractor/architect??

  • Funny how the porttery and the style of the house don’t seem to match at all.

  • What the heck is dope sky?

  • The architect is KUBE ( Check out their work — very kool! If you like modern design, you should give them a call.

  • “unbelievably dope sky”??????…..I must be getting very old.

  • PoP, where did you come up with the phrase “dope sky”?

  • in my past , there was a clarity to the sky, only experienced after a hit of acid..can not speak for pop though it was something!

  • Yes, I wish someone would clarify the modifier “dope sky” which I don’t get. Maybe people said it back in the day, but I don’t hear it now and have only seen it on this blog. Of course, you kind of sort of figure out what is meant, but still…

  • Can’t you all see PoP is trailblazing with his own slang? Supporting the movement for dope sky, PoP man.

  • I’m the homeowner and one of the potters. We are working on a railing! Design issues.

    So far, the photovoltaic solar panels are great. Better cooperation from our local electrical utility would make a world of difference. We’d be happy to show them off in a suitable fashion.

    Thanks to PoP for the great notice.

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