A Reader Samples Mayorga’s New Menu

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“In a quandary about take-home food last Friday, I stopped to try out the new Korean menu upstairs at Mayorga. I ordered a Mandu Kuk soup, a Bul Go Ki Donb rice, and Joe Yock Bock entrée. The soup dish had dumplings, the rice dish was with beef, and the entrée was with barbequed pork (normally served on a sizzling platter). The food came with a good array of side dishes, including very good and spicy kimchee. We had to spice up the flavor in the soup a bit, but the dumplings were terrific. The beef dish was the best. The total cost, including the happy hour beer I had while waiting, was $47 without the tip. I was very happy, and intend to go back for a sit-down meal.”

Sounds good but is $47 reasonable for all that?

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  • the thought of coffee and kimchi makes me a little ill…

  • That seems expensive to me.

  • I don’t know, three courses and a beer for $47 (plus a ton of side dishes), doesn’t sound terribly expensive to me, though maybe a bit more than I’d expect. Plus it sounds like the reader was splitting the food (“we had to spice up the flavor in the soup…”) so a dinner for two at $47 is pretty reasonable. I love Korean so I’ll totally check it out.

  • If it was a “we”, than yes. For one person it seems a bit much. I recommend Adams Express for some cheap yummy Korean food.

  • I went a few weeks back (I was the only person in there the entire time, not a great sign for their business, but they really need to take time to establish an identity). The food seemed pretty high quality, but I wasn’t that enamored with it — but I don’t know anything about Korean other than Korean BBQ and kimchee (I did like the kimchee that came with my food), so it might be more cuisine than caliber. The prices seemed high at first until I saw the portions — absolutely enormous. Three people could easily split two dishes and make a meal of it between the large portions and all the sides. Worth checking out and I am curious to hear from people with more expertise in Korean food how it stacks up.

  • The meal was for two, and there were leftovers. Sorry I didn’t clarify. Certainly agree with christobal that it would NOT have gone well with coffee.

  • I lived for over a year in Korea before moving here and this is hands down the best Korean in DC, even better than many restaurants in Korea itself. I took some of my friends that I worked with in Korea to the restaurant and we were all rolling on the floor having foodgasms. Delicious and very authentic.

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