Next New Store Spotted at DC USA

Thanks to a reader for sending the news that they spotted “The Childrens’ Place” in one of the DC USA storefronts yesterday.  Is this just like a clothing store for kids or are there also toys?  Who knows the story here?

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  • Children’s Place is a kid’s clothing store (ages 0-14). they have about 900 stores throughout the country. mostly i’ve only seen them in malls and the like. yet another national store coming, not really a big surprise there.

  • It’s obvious from the name that Children’s Place sells children. DC USA is a wondrous place.

  • Being I’m becoming a dad in a few weeks, this ain’t that bad!

  • Yep, this is a great addition to DC USA. With Marshall’s, Target and now this we are pretty much set in terms of getting children’s clothing for our kid nearby. Fantastic!

  • Yea DC USA is a big redundant retail soon to be failure. You can buy cheaper childrens clothes at the target and may be Marshalls. Is there a Ross coming soon?
    There sure is a lot of clothes buying opportunities around there.
    LOL @ Christina for saying that they sell children! No thats China!

  • The whole DC USA soon to be failure? Lol. Have you been there? Its full of people. Hardly a failure. Sure, the fat women’s store is empty. Hopefully because their fat assess are in the WSC – yeah I know, dream on. More like in the nasty ass ice cream store in Tivoli and Dunkin Donuts down the street.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    GforGood you can be a very hateful person. I suggest you watch your tone. I’m not going to debate this. You have been warned.

  • Yeah you are right. I just got a little annoyed by one of the comments above.

  • Annoyed by my comment huh?
    I said SOON TO BE failure. Its a success now yes of course because its new. But just because you see people, doesnt mean they are all buying. There are too many of the same types of stores and that area has diverse needs. The market for retail is going down nationally and this upward swing in retail in D.C. will naturally go back down hence the future failings of the Columbia Heights retail core.

  • Why would the whole DC USA soon be failure? Do you have insights that show that all those people are not buying enough? Almost any shopping complex has stores come and go. Arguably, with Target and to a lesser extent Best Buy, Staples and WSC as its anchors, DC USA should do relatively well as a whole.

    In terms of clothing there is only one store open in DC USA that is 100% clothing. And that one is aimed at a particular segment of the market (Lane Bryant). Granted, Marshalls comes close to being 100% too. There is quite a number of non-clothing stores in DC USA already and more probably coming. I don’t think clothing is that much over presented in it. Sure, more variety in terms of clothing would be good.

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