Meridian Hill Park Fountains Filled


I know Meridian Hill Park is still under major construction but there is a good portion of it that is as incredible as ever. I think this fountain is by far the greatest in all DC and probably Maryland as well. If you’re ever bored on a Sunday I recommend you grab the paper or a book and head straight to this fountain. Another angle and different fountain after the jump.



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  • Now if they would just TEAR DOWN THAT EYESORE of a building at the bottom of the fountains, we’d be golden.

    Thanks for the pics.

  • Looks awesome. Will have to swing by this weekend. As Mark said, thx for the pics.

  • Grab the paper or a book and head straight to this fountain and revel in the smell of urine and feces as you stroll the park and admire the lovely construction site.

  • My friend lives in that building facing the fountain and the view from her 6th floor apartment is spectacular!

  • I’m just glad after many, many, many years of them being off, that they are finally back on.

  • AM: The fountains have been on for the past several years.

    People have complained about eh construction, but it hasn’t been that bad. Only for for a while this spring was it really out of commission. And all the construction guys around made it hard for dudes to publicly urinate and solicit sex, so that is good too.

  • The church where I got married is near there. The weather that day was spectacular, and the photographer had hopes we’d go over there and have photos made in front of the cascading fountain. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time required to do that (and no one knew if the fountain was working that day), so I will just have to cherish the memories …

  • Uh, no kidding Eric, but they were off for much longer than they’ve been on in the past few years….

  • I lived across 16th from that park about three years ago, and the fountains were on for most of the spring/summer.

    But unless things have changed, Sunday would be a poor day to try to get some reading done. The drum circle was a real bummer on the occasional hung-over Sunday.

  • Anon: No kidding the view is probably great, but the building itself (2112 New Hampshire, to be exact) is UGLY AS SIN. The building next to it (facing 16th street) is much nicer.

  • Lau, I hate hippies as much as the next guy, but that drum circle is kind of amazing every Sunday: open to all, of decent quality and a fun thing to watch. It also frequently inspires some top notch dancing, or maybe more accurately “free-movement”.

  • This generation seems to have a real disdain for “hippies”, or anyone who doesn’t follow your -like lockstep (big sunglasses, flip flops, microbrews-similese (the excessive use of the word “like”)ways…. Definitely.

  • Hippies? Drum circle? Wow. People have really lost the meaning or never understood the origins of the weekly event. Hippies had nothing to do with its origins.

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