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  • PoP, I’m really surprised you didn’t comment on the ironwork on that house, it’s pretty funny but may be a harder sell to a non-golfer.

  • Speaking of iron work…if you had your house on the market in Petworth would you remove iron gates on the doors and windows? Do you think the gates imply “unsafe neighborhood” therefore scaring buyers away? Just curious.

  • Yeah but you can’t remove the iron bars/gates from your neighbor’s windows/doors and I would rather buy a house that came with them if it seemed everyone else or the majority had them than worry about my safety until I could find some.

  • Yikes, definitely don’t remove them. If you’re living in the house, it’s one thing, but if that house is empty while it’s on the market, you’re just begging for squatters. The house I purchased last year in CH had no gates when I first looked at it. A week later the back door and window where smashed in by squatters, til the bank-owner realized they needed to board that place up stat. (And naturally I had to pay to fix them when I bought it.)

    And I’d have to say that a boarded up house, or one with smashed in windows probably looks a lot scarier than a house with some iron on it.

  • Heather — was your house the one that was last used as a medical office? I remember a listing like that on your street.

    I feel encouraged by the list of May sales. Thanks, Kevin Wood, for sending. Springtime is traditionally an uptick.

  • I’m hoping that the next 12 – 18 months will really be an upward trend for Petworth (and other areas).

    We will have the election this fall/winter, which will hopefully start the ball rolling on new folks moving to the DC area; the Metro project and surrounding development projects; etc.

    Maybe I’m just an optimist.

  • Sales are one thing. But rentals are the other component. I can tell you that the rental market in NW (Petworth included) is very strong! I get a lot of calls and a very good class of tenants when I place ads in the paper. This might be a buyer’s market. It is also a landlord’s market.

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