Cool Old Fire House


I never realized Chi-Cha Lounge was in an old Firehouse until I crossed the street and caught the whole building. Anyone know what the top floors are used for? Office space? There is also a super cool sculpture underneath a window with the date, presumably when it was built, 1893 on either side of the window. Close up of the sculpture and date after the jump.


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  • Not sure what the space is used for now, but many, many moons ago when I first moved to D.C. and before it was ChiCha but after it was a firehouse, there were apartmetns up there…with no kitchens…..It was really probably supposed to be offered as an office, but at the time, they were advertising it as an apartment sans kitchen.

  • They were recently trying to sell those apartments, with kitchen, as condos. A friend considered getting a 2 bedroom there, but backed out due to the music down stairs.

  • That upstairs space is now condos. I recently saw one on the market for a crazy price. Pretty non-spectacular inside.

  • i looked at a condo there about 5 years ago. it was the most unusable 500 sq feet imaginable. there wasn’t a square room in the place–all triangles and trapezoids, and not a single place you could put a couch or double bed. the “kitchen” consisted of a tiny sink and stove in a closet near the largest space. and they were asking a ridiculous price.

  • I looked at a condo there a few years back. It had a really weird/cut up configuration and no kitchen, but they were offering a $5,000 credit so you could build your own kitchen. It was very odd.

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