11th and Monroe Park Drunk Speaks

Mad props to New Columbia Heights who spotted a phenomenal quote from the 11th and Monroe Park meeting notes: “Anonymous resident (self-described drunk who hangs out in the park): people in the park aren’t that bad, come on into the park, we welcome kids, we welcome the church.”

And it was answered with vigor, a Columbia Heights resident posts on the listserv:
“We’re beginning a play group for any/all kids at the park on 11th and
Monroe. The park has a history of being a wee bit unclean but most
days it’s passable and it’s hoped that citizen use of the park will
help us reclaim this space a bit. We did this last fall and it was
fun, never too dirty and never had any problems until the cold set in.

So, if you’re interested, meet at the CH coffee shop at 8:30 on 11th
(between park & morton) to grab a cup and then walk over to the park
shortly thereafter. I’ll be with the young 2 year old with blond
curls and probably my wife and new baby most days.”


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  • I’ll bet that if the city installed WiFi in the park it would attract more people and help change the atmosphere in a positive way.

  • Speaking of area green space, reminder that this month’s neighborhood clean-up is Saturday at 10.

  • yes! i will be the guy with the kid who is climbing on the homeless man, tugging his long grey beard..

    actually i like this idea..it takes balls to ‘reclaim’ a spot… and great idea mike, about the wifi… i would be hesitant to bring my lappy out alone, but get a handful of coffee weilding yuppy friends to sit in a circle indian style, and im there!!

  • Yep, good idea. As far as reclaiming spaces by people, this one should be an easy one (as as far as I know there hasn’t been much violent crime in it, just some.. unwieldly behavior).

  • “I’ll be with the young 2 year old with blond curls and probably my wife and new baby most days.” He’s TWO? And married with a baby already? Contact Ripley’s, hahaha. But it’s a good idea, I’ll tell my friends!

  • The more use of the park by everyone, the better. The not so bad drunks are really not that bad until they get REALLY drunk and then they are perhaps less than “not as bad”. I still think an effort with the police to stop by, dump out cans of beer, break up the gambling, etc. when they go to and from the 3rd District Station is also something that needs to be brought up to the police chief, maybe this is where our ANC1a could have some results…

    I know there are some fence haters and I understand your concerns. But I would also urge you to think about the fact that the fence serves a 24 hour need, and much of the cleaner park that is not so bad to use (Betty P is the main reason still) is a direct result of no one being able to use the park from the time the gate is locked until the gate is unlocked in the morning. Much of the real crime and bathroom use took place after hours so please don’t tear down the fence just yet. Think about that as a desire once the park is being used for the purposes it was intended.

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