So That’s What This Building is Going to Be!

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This is the building at 3910 Georgia Ave next to the Wendys. This sign says it seeks to become a medical facility with other related retail and housing above it. Alright. Although it also says there will be 120 off street parking spots, that seems like a lot, yeah?

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  • I thought that was going to be Georgia Commons by NDC (Neighborhood Development Company). As far as I know, it’s still on.

  • It’s developer Jair Lynch’s Georgia Commons project. It will be a mix of housing (apartments, including some affordable) and retail. When Jair Lynch was selected as the developer, he promised a gym (Results). I’m disappointed to learn that the “retail” is now supposed to be a medical clinic. Ground breaking was supposed to happen this winter, but got pushed back to this summer.

    I’ve asked before on this blog, but does anyone have any idea when the medical clinic replaced the gym and if there’s an opportunity to change this back to the original, approved plan?

  • Yes I was totally excited to hear a gym was going to be 3 blocks away. I feel like it would do great in Petworth. What kind of medical facility we talking about here? I haven’t donated plasma since college.

  • I’m definetly not on board for a medical clinic – I was really excited for Results. What happened?

  • I would have to be VERY sick to go to any doctor on GA Ave.

  • I just emailed Jair Lynch to see what’s up. If I hear back, I’ll let you guys know. Might also be worth checking in with our ANC members, since the ANC passed something expressing support for Jair Lynch to be the developer, and as I remember it, at that time the plan was for a gym and a small magazine/cafe/sandwich shop.

  • Looking forward to JL’s response. From their website:

  • results has lost their lease on U street and will either be closing or moving that facility at the end of 2009, or sometime in that range. while i’ve been a member there for a long time, i’m getting increasingly disappointed with their single-minded expansion into downtown but no commitment to the ‘hood. i remember them saying there was some issue with petworth but i don’t recall what it was except that they decided not to move here. could be as simple as start-up costs with farragut north (a bit of a disaster of a gym) and the newly opening 5th and K locations. i’d like to hear back from them on this.

  • I’m the External Affairs Director for Jair Lynch Development Partners. Feel free to call me with questions. (202) 462-1092 x 21 Tania B. Jackson . . . a lot of this info has been distributed both at ANC meetings and recent community meetings, most notably the Safeway meeting hosted by Councilmember Bowser, but I understand that the notice posted this month has caused some confusion. We did present several options for the retail at the outset of the project, but the delay has caused some changes.

    For the record, it was planned as a mixed-use, mixed-income development from the very beginning, as supported by the Petworth Action Committee and approved by the ANC. The project, which is also part of the LEED ND program, will have a green roof. We were delayed because NCRC awarded the project without quieting the title for the property. The process is now moving foward. Because of the unimplemented Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning program, we’re embarking on a “mini” PUD process to get the levels of affordability into the project that we originally promised to the neighborhood.

    All of this will be presented through the ANC and available for public perusal, but I’m happy to answer questions by phone or email ([email protected]). This includes you, o prince– I could have sworn I answered your question about what was going on the site last time you posted the photo!

    Please feel free to call me, anytime to answer questions. Thanks!

  • Well, Tania, why don’t you then tell us what you know about the Results gym coming (or not)? Not that I care, but since so many here asked.

  • When I needed a root canal, I was referred to a wonderful oral surgeon
    whose office was ( and is) on Georgia Avenue… He did a fine job, and
    I didn’t have to go into hock to pay for it…. Nate-is your assumption
    that there is a correlation between a location and the quality of service?

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