If You’re Riding a Scooter – You’re Just Not That Tough

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Now I’m not hating on Scooters, I’ve mentioned many times how I’d like a Vespa. But anyway this scooter cracked me up because it had all these tough guy decals on it. Then it pissed me off when I saw this one.

I recognize that they may just be joking but I can’t even accept that anymore. Given what I know and have seen with my own eyes the whole stop snitchin campaign is fracking disgusting. For a dose of snitching reality check out the real deal after the jump.


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  • Pop,
    That’s great you can’t accept the snitchin creed. But try changing a large group of people where it is essentially ingrained in the culture to not snitch. Some people have taken the mafia creed from movies, no less, too far. A couple years ago here in DC, there was a movie that was a big hit amongst the natives. It was the DVD about Rayful Edmonds, a drug dealer that made a little money and went to prison by the age of 25. The natives here love that guy. Although he killed many people and sold drugs to his own people mostly, he still remains a legend around here. The irony is that he “snitched” on everyone. Just goes to show you that when a culture gets corrupted rational thinking goes out the window.

  • Remember it’s ” you’re”, a contraction for you are, not the possessive form of you, your. Anyway, this so-called anti- snitching thing is out of control and really inhibits good police work and the ability to close open cases. Some high-profile homicide cases in this city remain open because of this warped code of not snitching. I want to see this Rayful Edmonds DVD and have wanted to ever since it came out. But because of my cultural background, I don’t frequent sellers of bootlegged items. They seem to be the only ones selling this DVD.

  • Snitching is such a negative word to use for what it really is…how about we say it like it is, and call it “Reporting a Crime” or “Doing your Part for Society”…

    And if people are afraid of retaliations , no one is asking anyone to be a hero, how about an anonymous tip? I mean really, when someone gets away with a crime they are most likely going to repeat it on someone else, when it happens to you you’ll wish someone would speak up or that you would have spoken up long before.

  • yeah, i saw that movie… it paints him as the victim. even i walked away from it with a ‘fuck the poh-leese ‘ attitude (it went away in about 2.3 seconds after i stumbled over my own stupidity from watching it)… and dont forget that dc has continuosly supported marion barry, despite..well, everything. what can you do to change the direction of an ignorant mass?

  • It really is a strange phenomenon–not something I grew up with. The whole misguided “don’t be a snitch” philosophy was made more real to me recently after I read a quote in the Washington Post (September 27, 07) by Deonte Rawlings’ father after the shooting. I went and found it this morning:

    But DeOnt

  • A week or so ago, I was checking on my property. As I approached the property, I noticed some young guys shooting dice near my property. I immediately told them to get away from my apartment building or I’d call the police. Next step was to confront the tenants to let them know that the impetus to maintain a safe environment is more on them than me since I don’t live there. Each of the tenants (mostly women with kids and no husband/boyfriend) looked incredulous that I would even suggest that they call 911 or gently suggest the young guys to move along.

    I explained to them that dice games usually end up in arguments that usually end up in gunfights. And since gangsters don’t take target practice, stray bullets could kill one of their loved ones. This is a good example of why gentrification does not work until you not only get rid of the bad apples but the people that are conducive to this type of behavior. It was if I could not even rationalize why they should take an interest.

    I have been a landlord for years. I’ve seen the mothers that let their children throw trash out the window or leave the front door open. These are the same mothers that let their kids throw trash out the window from the Wendy’s on Ga Ave. For Petworth to thrive, you have to get rid of most of these people. Otherwise, people with means will move or never consider Petworth.

  • A sad sad (small) part of African American culture.

  • ‘A Teacher’ – I have a studio copy of the Rayful Edmond dvd. If you have an anonamized email address or some other way to get in touch you’re welcome to borrow it.

  • Ok, that comment from “DeOnte’s father” is even more sad…

  • Hey teacher, read the sign again. They used your properly. Where they messed up is with someone as two words and leaving the s off murder.

  • This is my first spring/summer in petworth and I cannot believe the negative change that the warm weather has ushered in around petworth. In the last 48 hrs I’ve had a neighbor dragged out of his house kicking and screaming by the police, my roomate has been robbed at gun point in our alley, and watched car after car pick up and throw out wendy’s as if it were a trash assembly line. WTF!? I am generally a liberal advocate of community development and positive social/educational programs, but I’m baffled as to how an entire neighborhood can contribute AND complain about the problems plagueing our own backyard, let alone inspire change for the better.

  • well the community would come to the police to report crime/to be a witness if the frakin’ police had better witness protection programs! Even if you give ‘anonymous tips’ you still risk your life and your families lives, if the person who committs the crime finds out…. Police need to insure witnesses are protected!!

  • Actually Anonymous, I think ‘teacher’ was referring to PoP’s headline. The second “your” should be a contraction of ‘you are’, i.e. you’re.

  • Nathan M Boggs, landlord on a mission.

  • For anyone who comes from a middle class background, the notion of “not snitching” is sad and seems ridiculous. However, after sitting in a grand jury for weeks and hearing nearly 100 cases involving homicide, rape, and other nasty crimes, it is clear that these low-income, high crime areas are very insular with fairly few outside visitors (who are very noticeable), everyone knows (or knows of) everyone else, and even if you lead your own life by the book, you will know many badasses who are involved in dangerous and illegal activities.

    That being said, every day on that grand jury I saw people who literally risked their lives to testify about crimes that they witnessed even though they were going to receive no police protection and had no resources to move away from the neighborhood. Some of these cases involved witnesses who were willing to talk but would not show up for the grand jury unless locked up first so it would appear that they were not cooperating. In other cases, witnesses would not talk to the police immediately following a crime where a crowd had gathered, but later sought them out. And some of those cases involved shootings or homicides in which the victim had been accused of snitching.

    If being a witness weren’t such a life threatening enterprise, I imagine that many more people would be willing to do it.

    By the way, while the vast majority of the crimes I saw on grand jury occurred in SE or far NE, Columbia Heights was the only area in NW with a high volume of cases.

  • Oh, the snitch thing…. (Big sigh).. I was talking to a kid in my neighborhood wearing a “stop snitching” t shirt. I told him I didn’t understand this whole phenomenon. I also told him that my mixed feelings about the po-po notwithsatanding, it troubled me to see black people (anyone, truth be told) participating in what I consider genocidal behavior. Bill Cosby had a point- It is not as if the jerks some people want to protect are political prisoners (and I realize that many of you Petworth young’uns aren’t exactly angry at the status quo). They could well knock this kid’s Mom in the head, or the kid.. Or worse.
    He wasn’t buying my ideas. But I gave him a Wikipedia biographical entry on Anne Frank. (This kid is a big reader-but he keeps it on the downlow… Another sigh!)
    I told him that Anne Frank was someone who could have justifiably uttered the
    words printed on his t.

  • cristobal. i have no problem with you questioning the city’s continual embrace of marion barry, as long as you also remember that this kind of thinking also extended to (in my opinion, anyway) the farmers who supported reagan- and, well, a more recent national embrace of an arrogant, lying “leader.”

  • Thanks DCer for putting my name out there for public consumption. Since you felt compelled, best to get it right. I prefer nate or Nathan. I never use the M.

  • Am I missing something here. Isn’t the “stop snitching” campaing not much more about the complaints/concerns about Police behavior towards African Americans and NOT about concerns about being revenged upon if you do or about witness protection etc.? I.e. its not like “stop snitching because you will risk your life if you do” but “stop snitching because the Police and the justice system cannot be trusted and we are being targeted for racial reasons”?

  • I wish more landlords were on a mission to try to make sure their tenants too behave.. although I do think nate is sometimes simplifying things a bit too much..

  • Well, G. I think that is part of the argument. Or part of the argument for some people. But I honestly think that the retaliatory issue cannot be separated from this .

  • I agree, but the campaign for the most part seems to me to be about the dislike of the Police (not that I agree with that). The sticker on that scooter is a different thing of course, as its obviously meant to intimidate people. Wish I had a little knife sticking out my boot so I could slash his/her tyres if I see it parked somewhere.. 😀

  • wow, DCer… you get the nod for ‘asshole of the day’ for that… please submit your full name and contact info to PoP for posting on your certificate.

    i like how nate puts it in black and white. i think half of the problem stems from being too afraid to hurt feelings, too afraid to appear unpolitically correct, and too afraid to lay it out how it is.

    and anon, i completely agree… the voters who blindly support marion because hes for us, by us, one of us, whatever, are just as stupid as the lower-middle class southerners in my home town who voted bush in twice just cause he was a “fine christian man that wont gonna let them fags and baby killers take over ‘merica”

  • Thanks to the PoP blog, I have already seen improvements in the neighborhood through community activism. I think Petworth is getting better everyday. Set the example.

  • Not sure the blog has much to do with it.. I mean “door of the day” x 100 is hardly very conducive to community activism.. ;-P

  • Maybe you can also post his address and license plate number… wow.

  • This attitude exists across cultural groups. It’s just called a Tattle-Tale.

  • Tattle-Tale? For telling a Police about e.g. a murder? Really??

  • yeah I think a tattle-tale is more a kid who rats his brother out for picking his nose in the back seat of the car…

  • GforGood, Do you really think most of the people wearing these shirts make that distinction? These shirts originated with drug dealers and were popularized by rappers who glamorize a criminal lifestyle. I don’t see any real political thought to it. even if someone was trying to make a political statement, how does witholding information on a crime do anything other than encourage more crime. Random ridiculousness at its finest.

  • There is too much glamourization of the thug lifestyle. If you aren’t mingling with lowlife types you won’t know what I’m talking about. I work in a school and see it even with little kids. They think it’s cool to try to be a gangster, a thug wannabe, to get into trouble. This no snitching means don’t tell on people, even when real crimes or wrongdoings have been committed. I hear eight year olds say I’m gonna kill you or tell my uncle what you said and he gotta gun and he gonna shoot you. And mothers who tell their kids if someone hits you, you hit him back.

  • “stop snitchin'” is a cultural touchstone more than reality. as someone pointed out above, there are *plenty* of people spilling their guts to to the police and the grand jury. your average dc boy lasts about 1 second under the hot lamp at district headquarters before giving up his mother. dc boys watch too much tv and like to think of themselves as tony montana, but in reality they are more like chris rock in new jack city.

  • right on cristobal

  • When I was a juror on a murder trial last year, one of the key witnesses apparently spilled his guts previously in the grand jury. Then as soon as he got on the stand in the trial, and had to actually face the accused, he totally recanted everything he said in the grand jury trial, said he was “high” during the testimony, and felt threatened to talk to the police previously. It was sad to see for so many reasons- mostly because it weakened the prosecutors case (we still ended up convicting), but also because while this guy was just a dopey pathetic dude, but still- he wasn’t necessarily a criminal, just witnessed a crime when he was a kid, and it was a reminder of how toxic that “stop snitching” mentality can be.

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