Snap-Shots: A Continuing Series

The following series was created by our intern in Petworth, Julian. This week’s question were:

1.How long have you been in the neighborhood, and what changes have you witnessed? If your move was recent, what brought you here?

2. Does the neighborhood, as it is, offer you the things you need? What would improve it?

3. What place or thing is your favorite in the neighborhood?

4. What is special or not-so-special about U street?

5. Have you noticed the changes in Columbia Heights affect business in the area at all? Does it make you want to move away from U street?



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  • This is a great feature! Go Julian!

  • PoP, is there any reason you don’t use “tags” on your posts as most blogs do? I see everything is just left “uncategorized”. It would be great to hit a tag for “Snap-Shots”, “House of the Day”, “Good Deal or Not” and have recent results appear.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    That’s a good idea. I’ll work on it. I have a huge backlog to update. Stay tuned.

  • i love this feature – but would love for the questions to be right above the answers of the people.

  • Dear fellow U Streeters who want a grocery store: Yes! Organic Markets (should) be opening some time this spring at 14th and V. And the farmers market should be coming back to 14th and U Saturdays starting in June. I’m so very excited I won’t have to schlep my groceries from Whole Foods anymore…

  • the grocery on U just west of 15th has gotten a lot nicer recently too. of course, if it isn’t a chain, some people just aren’t interested…

  • I don’t mind Best in DC (on U and 15th) but it tends to be overpriced, doesn’t have a great selection, and the produce is almost always subpar (a good day is finding something that isn’t in some state of decay). It has nothing to do with a chain (I’d rather patronize a local store over a chain), it has to do with quality and selection. I don’t mind paying more money if the product is of higher quality, it’s just that at Best in DC that’s not usually the case.

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