Neat Neighborhood Find: Millennium Decorative Arts

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I’m going to be honest with you all. This is my favorite store on U Street. Milliennium located at 1528 U Street is the greatest of the used furniture stores in town for a reasonable price. I got a wicked cool coffee table here a couple of years ago. So now I’m happy to share it with you. It is very unassuming and you’ve probably walked by it dozens of times. It is a basement store so that is easy to do. But the stuff they have, for the price they offer, is tops. I had the chance to talk with one of the owners, Glynn Romero, who told me that the store has been open since 1992. Glynn and his partner have owned the shop for about two and a half years. If you need anything super cool for your home I highly recommend you check it out. Prices range from $5 to $1000 depending upon what you’re looking for. I think I paid like $200 for the sickest coffee table you’ll ever see. Lots of cool photos of their wares after the jump.





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  • i love this place. been going since the mid nineties. so many great finds here. if you see something there you like… you need to buy it or else it will be gone. i missed out on things many times. darnit!

  • I walked in this store recently and it just seemed like someone raided a few houses from the 70’s and kept all the furniture to sell later. Sure it may be vintage but there is a reason no one really decorates their house like its the 70’s anymore…one word…TACKY!

  • Riiiiight Not a Fan, suuuure, no one decorates their house like its the 70s anymore…

    I’m sure all this was purchased at furniture auctions, no one “raided” a house.

    Retro itself is a style of the 1980s and 90s, and in the world of facebook and ipod there isn’t as much need to seek out something exciting from the past as there was in 1989, but there are many people in their late 30s who decorate like this.

    RetroActive in Adams Morgan in the 1980s was 10 times better than Millenium, but has been gone forever.

  • i wasnt too impressed when i went either… it was more like a goodwill rather than a boutique. and at least at the goodwill, you can afford the stuff. there were a few wow pieces, but i agree with not a fan.. it looks like the owners lucked up at an estate sale a few decades ago and saved the finds for the new millenium… the boring finds…

  • overpriced used furniture….dirty. not into it!

  • DCer …I didn’t actually mean “raided” as in a bunch of people ran into just any old house and stole every ugly piece of furniture they could find…I just meant it in a way as to imply someone had a field day of gathering old ugly 70’s furniture pieces.

    And you are right, I’m sure there are tons of tacky people who decorate their houses like its the 70’s…I bet most people can admit to making the mistake of buying inflatable furniture and all that, but people in their 30’s decorating their houses like its the 70’s…that crap was tacky then, and its still tacky now!

  • nice stuff…. much like what i see at Hunted House (just around the corner at 14th & Swann) AND its more affordable there

  • wow. the commentors sure are nasty on here (and ill informed). just because its NOT your taste doesn’t mean its tacky. whenever i have been in millennium its mostly stuff from the 1950s and 1960s.. a classic period. stuff comes and goes fast there. the way i look at it you can spend $1600 on a new bertoia chair from design within reach ( ) or get the same vintage for $400 at a place like millennium.

  • cristobal…. have you even beeeeeeeeeen to a goodwill recently? its all beaten up ikea furniture and overstuffed sofas from marlo. millennium has never been a boutique. its just fun and has always had a hint of kitsch.

    modstyle… i have been to hunted house recently and they had the exact same glass coffee table i bought at millennium the previous week for $350… hunted house’s was $695. i found millenium and good eye to be the most affordable in the area.

    not a fan… you obviously don’t know much at all about design history. the 1970s had some crazy amazing designs not just “disco”. lots in museums. here is short but good article:

    has anyone on here been to baltimore or new york to mid century stores there (like ABC furniture or Regeneration ? the prices there are 3 to 5 times the prices here… we luck out for sure in DC… for now!

  • good eye is super pricey!

  • i bought my first midcentury piece from millennium in the early 1990s, and i’ve been going back ever since. they’ve been around for 15 years for a reason: they consistently have stylish stuff at reasonable prices for the neighborhood urbanistas who shop there. and when you consider that vintage stores rely on estates sales in the furniture-challenged DC area, this is no small accomplishment.

    also, i’ve always been pleased with the relaxed, no attitude vibe of the place, with staff who–in my experience–are usually ready to negotiate if something has been on the floor for a while.

    as for the prices: take a stroll in cady’s alley and see if you still think millennium is gouging you. or check out the midcentury scene in georgetown, along wisconsin–some great finds there, but little that your average consumer can afford.

    and on the other end of the spectrum, i’m surprised anyone would mention goodwill in the same breath as millennium. like lots of folks, i’ve made the goodwill rounds–and sure if you go every week for a year you might find a great midcentury piece dirt cheap. but it will be pure damn luck because most of what they have is true junk, and the good stuff is quickly picked over by specialty dealers. if you devote all of your free-time to rummaging through thrift stores, you might eventually furnish your place stylishly (and maybe even before you’re ready to move out).

    the way i see it, millennium guys save me all the hassle, and i’m ready to pay for the service if the item and the price are right.

  • I remember when Milliennium was two floors and had several dealers on each floor
    selling everything from campy/nasty ashtrays to really great 50s designer furniture.
    Their new focus now is just furniture and the place has improved and, in my opinion,
    become a much more enjoyable venue to browse and to shop. The owner Glynn Romero
    is always helpful and has an interesting and somwhat whimsical take on home design.
    With the upcoming recession I am sure that Milliennium will continue to be a store that
    fits many peoples needs. I have several things from this store and have never been

  • I just looked at the images of the interior of their store, Havent been to the store in quite some time. Doesn’t look like any ratty old goodwill I have ever been too. looks rather well arranged. What are people talking about?

  • oooops I meant pictures on their website. 🙂

  • The guys at Millennium have forgotten more about mid-century design and good taste than most self proclaimed DC “cognoscenti” will ever have. Comparing Millennium to any thing but itself speaks to your own un-imaginativeness (is that a word…lol) and ignorance. The fact that people are bashing a DC landmark/institution makes me ill. We can categorize these people among those that just don’t get “it”.

    As a mid-century furnishings dealer & collector I am proud to count Glynn, Richard, and Jeff as friends. I have found some spectacular pieces at Millennium and thoroughly enjoy the times I get to visit their shop. If you haven’t been, you are indeed missing out! Will be voting Millennium as “Best of DC”.

    Peace- Rob

  • …Ok, that last comment was just a bit too serious! “Best of DC”????!!! Jeesh! I don’t go to a furniture store for competition purposes, I go bekauze it’s fun to see what’s out there and visualize what I can do with it. I’m a creative type and I don’t need someone to tell me about the history of a piece or who were the biggies from that period. Forget all that! I want to go somewhere, see something that pops my head out, grab it and rush back to my pad and plop it down amongst my other fabulous finds!

    Great that places like that are finally appearing on the horizon in this town. I came here from San Francisco about 12 years ago and only within the last year or so have I actually had fun going to vintage furniture stores like we have back on the Left Coast.

  • so i am unimaginative and ignorant… well ive been called worse. and i will glady be both of those things in my aesthetically pleasing home, without a hint of those modernicusly..i mean ridiculously… styled furnishings.

    actually i dont dislike the wares at either place, its just the fact that some people get so crazy over style vs. fashion, you cant help but to poke fun…chill out, you silly design enthusiasts!

    and for you folks that are so indignant about the comparison between millenium and goodwill… seriously? i hit one or two every few weeks, and i always come home with a great lot. you guys must have gotten so much of ‘it’ that youre blinded to a real find.

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