Neat Neighborhood Find: El West

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The following post was written by our intern in Mt. Pleasant – Tina.

If you live in Mount Pleasant, you probably know of El West. Maybe you have walked past it on your way to Tonic, maybe you have noticed the ample posteriors of the mannequins in the window, maybe you were fortunate enough to catch their “racy” Valentines Day window display in which a male mannequin was holding pair of lacy panties (presumably belonging to one of those mannequin ladies), or maybe you’ve gone there in search of jeans, cowboy boots, belt buckles, leather goods, men’s every day clothes, or some women’s club attire – all of which El West offers in bountiful supply

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  • maybe its just me, but i have definitely aquired a new appreciation for this blog by imagining you running around taking pictures of random stuff while wearing that hot black little number…

  • I think you do need one of those!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    That’s very flattering. But just to be clear this post was written by our intern in Mt. Pleasant – Tina.

  • oops…well my afternoon is now ruined.

  • How are the prices? I’ve actually been wanting a pair of cowgirl boots, but not if they’re gonna cost $300.

  • My original comment was directed at Tina, but now that I think about it…

  • I used to live around the corner from that store. I lurved the “hoochie mama” vibe alot of the clothing gave off. It was a vibe you could feel from out on the sidewalk. Awesome.

  • I love when El West dresses the mannequins in jeans with thongs hanging out. That’s hot!

  • I actually OWN that outfit. It goes over really well at the office.

    Wait, that’s a lie. But maybe not for much longer. . .

  • Oh, and in answer to the above query about prices: I’ve been in there and seen cowboy boots for around the $120-$150 mark. I don’t recall if they were men’s or women’s, or how huge the selection was. But if memory serves, didn’t see anything priced anywhere near $300.

  • I dunno, PoP, that outfit would be a step up from that tracksuit! 🙂

  • Blogging this magnificant might be the reason I move BACK to DC from New York. I need to stop into El West on my next visit and pick up some fresh threads for my ever growing badonkadonk.

  • Man, I’ve been looking for a black spandex jumpsuit! And now I know where to get one, thanks for making my wardrobe a little more exciting Tina! I might have to swing in and check out just how bootylicious those mannequins actually are…

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