Neat Neighborhood Find: Dekka


When I wrote about Dekka’s grand opening a few weeks ago it was too crowded to check out the store but I promised to return. And this past Saturday, I was able to check out all the goods and speak with two members of the designer’s collective. The idea behind Dekka, located at 1338 U Street, is very cool. It features a collective of designers who pay a “small reasonable fee” to display their goods. I spoke with two of the members, Marilani Huling (pictured above) and Sheri Green. Green and Huling explained to me that the store has 15 designers. The 15 designers include 2 handbag designers, 2 Jewelry designers (of which Huling is one), 7 clothing designers, 1 cosmetics (Green) and 3 artists. And the coolest part is that all the designers are local. So those who are interested in supporting local designers, check ’em out! More photos after the jump.


Sheri Green in front of her cosmetics display.


A sample of clothing and handbags.


More clothing.

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