Mayor to Announce Development Plan for Lincoln Theater

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From a press release:
“Mayor Adrian M. Fenty on Thursday, April 24, 2008, will announce a new development plan that will generate operating support for the Lincoln Theatre and provide new amenities for the U Street neighborhood. The Mayor will also provide an update on several other projects along the corridor.”

Anyone know what they are referring to regarding the “other projects along the corridor”? Has anyone been to the Lincoln Theater?

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  • I’ve been to the Lincoln many times over the pat few years for Reel Affirmations, the annual DC GLBT Film Festival. It’s a really cool old building and a nice facility, but terribly under utilized and falling into disrepair. I know they get lots of subsidies from the city, it will be interesting to hear the mayor’s redevelopment plan.

  • Guess where the SE strip clubs are relocating… here, LOL!

  • Here I go again-The Lincoln used to be a first run movie theater back in the day. Saw stuff like “Thunderball” and “The Sound Of Music” there. (Going to Ben’s afterwards, of course)

  • Saw Paul Mooney a couple of years back. I’ve always thought this theatre was one of the most underutilized resources in the city. It’s such a great, historic space. It’s truly a shame more prominent acts don’t perform there.

  • OK so this seems to be what the press conference said:

    Not very many details, but as long as it saves the theater and doesn’t ruin my neighborhood, I’m all for it.

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