Let’s Play Is It A Good Deal Again

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This home at 19 Rock Creek Church Rd. is going for $385,000. I was unable to find photos on line but it looks pretty sweet from the brochure I picked up. The pamplet does say it is a “fixer upper”. So would you pay $385,000 for a fixer upper on Rock Creek Church Road across from the Old Soldiers Home?

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  • I look at this one when I was shopping back in 2005. It was on the market for abot $306K then. It has a crazy steel spiral staircase in the middle of the floor in the back room. It needed at lot of work then. It does not look like lick of work has been done on it since. It needs a good bit of work, but could be a cool place.

  • I would pay that price if it was “liveable”. Meaning there’s no floors sagging (which could indicate rot or insect damage”, working bathrooms and kitchen, and nothing structurally wrong. Actually, I would probably put in a lower bid; maybe somewhere around $329K. Especially if a lot of work needs to be done.

  • I have to ask. Is that vinyl siding around the door? Also it seems like 20 bucks worth of flowers in those planters and A gallon of paint to go over the yellow trim would be a wise investment. maybe even just common sense.

  • 2009 Tax Assessment on the Property is $440K. It was last sold in 2005, at the height of the bubble, for $350K. I would imagine a “current market price” would be $350K or less. $385K is an asking price arrived at by the owner likely to cover the costs of moving & commission, rather than what the current market would bear.


  • & two doors down there’s a very similar property with an asking price $60K less.

  • Why are the 2009 tax assesments so far off base? I am in the market for a house and every assesment is almost 100 grand over what I could get it for. One in particular was assesed at 200 over asking price. Not making this up. Are they just ignoring the downturn? Do they look at the condition of each house or just apply an increase per zipcode annualy? It seems unfair to me that I would buy a house and be paying taxes on a price a hundred grand over what I paid for it after it sat on the market for 6 months. A house is only worth what people will pay for it after all. Can you appeal the assessment upon paying the actual market price far below?

  • I remember this place now. I walked through last year when I was looking for a house. I don’t remember the price then, but I do remember that at the time it needed at least $50K worth of work — and that’s without knowing the condition of the plumbing and electricity. I almost went ahead with it because of the sweet location, but I ended up finding a place that was much more expensive but needed almost no work.

  • I just tried posting this but it didnt take. Why are the 2009 assessments so far off base? I am in the market for a house and every house I have looked at, the assessed value is far far above asking price. One house was selling for 200 thousand less than the assessment. It doesnt seem fair that I would buy a house and have to pay taxes on such an exagorated assessment. How do they calculate them in the first place? Are they looking at each individual house? Some of these houses have been on the market for over a year at an asking price lower than they were assessed at! how on earth does that happen?

  • Property assessments usually seem to lag behind reality by at least a year, and behind common sense by at least two. The trajectory that prices were on in 2004/2005 would make the 2009 proposed rates accurate.

    The short answer to the question is that the government is just as stupid as the populace, and even more slow.

  • I don’t like the “barn style” top. :/

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