How’s The Automatic Pickup at OXXO Drycleaners?


We’ve talked about dry cleaners from time to time. I’m a devotee of OXXO’s neighbor in Columbia Heights, Georgetown Dry Cleaners both across from the Giant on Park Rd. But I have to say I’m always mesmerized by the automatic pickup machine at the OXXO. Does it work well? How are the prices?

And what do you think Kwame Brown had to do to get his sign in the window?

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  • I use OXOX. I am happy with the service. The auto pickup machine is really neat and cool to watch and yes it works well, at least for my small orders. Can’t say too much about the prices though i memorized a few. $2.25 for shirts, around $6.00 each for suit pants or jackets, and $7.75 for dresses. I dropped off a suit set Wednesday morning and it will be done Friday after 5PM. You can pay for express service for $1-$2 per item extra, not sure how fast the turnaround is with that service.

  • I love it. I used to live on the Hill, and there’s on on 8th Street SE. I was glad that when I moved, I was in walking distance of the only other one in DC. They clean your clothes well, and you can usually pick up everything (once I had to come back and go inside to get a fancy dress) through the automatic window, which is nice, because you can do it at 1:30am on your way back from Red Derby….

  • OXOX really turned me off recently. I showed up at about a minute past 7 with a pair of pants that needed cleaning. The clerk was still in the store at he register but waived me away. Georgetown cleaners was still taking customers, though I think they close at the same time. The couple who Georgetown seemed very nice and very happy to have my business. The automatic pick thingy seem pretty complicated!

  • He probably waived you away because the automatic *dropoff* thingy isn’t complicated at all. We use OXXO and it is indeed mesmerizing, but I wonder about their management because they seem chronically short of new membership cards & bags, dropoff forms, etc.

  • Can you use the auto drop off thingy if you are a new customer?

  • No, you have to sign up; and if they happen to be out of membership cards and bags when go to sign up, you’re SOL. Then when you go back two weeks later and they’re STILL out of bags and membership cards, you throw a big fit and your girlfriend has to smooth things over because you’re so ticked off. But after that, when you get your bag and membership card, it’s smooth sailing.

    For my whole adult life I’ve been going into dry cleaners during the ten minutes after their stated closing times, so to me it’s like a violation of some unwritten rule that they would not let you in. But I guess that the trade off for having the robot to fetch your clothes for you any time of the day.

  • @Steve 1:48,

    Yes, When you drop off your first item you will get your card.

    @Steve 1:26

    Not complicated at all. Just Insert your card, and if your clothes are ready for pickup it will do everything automatically (or if they are not ready it will tell you there is nothing to pickup). Just grab them when its done and leave.

  • I like it. Expensive, but it’s so nice to be able to pick up my dry cleaning whenever I need it, because often I can’t make it back before the dry cleaner closes in many places.

  • How could anyone use any dry cleaner _but_ the robot dry cleaner?

  • i used to use ZIPS on Connecticut, but i hate that they’re not open on sundays. i think it’s stupid, because obviously that’s a day when people have TIME to pick up their dry cleaning.

    now i go to a place on Georgia Ave just inside the beltway. You need a car to get there, i guess, but i can get all of my dry-clean-only clothes cleaned there for less than $60 total, because every garment is $1.89.

    I feel the same way about my cheapie place that Alex feels about his “robot dry cleaner”.

  • I think I will give my business to Georgetown, they are very nice and seem to be appreciative…any one know if they are really organic? Dry cleaning chemicals are “organic” solvents by chemical definition (are carbon based). Are they just playing on words, or are they really environmentally friendly? Just wondering.

    PS – I take my shirts to the cleaners in Crystal City where I work – less than a dollar a shirt! Worth the schlep on the metro

  • I took a pair of pants there recently, because I never make it home by 7. I needed them for a work trip, and went to pick them up with my new card. My new card did not work. I had to pick them up a week later when I made it there in time, and I paid about 7 bucks for a cleaning that took two weeks. Pathetic, I’ll never go back.

  • Reading me makes me love my job where I don’t have to wear dry clean-only clothes. I barely ever go to a dry cleaner anymore. Sigh….

  • I love it! I work late, so it’s nice to be able to pick it up after I get off the metro. Also, in response to a previous comment, I’ve been there to drop stuff off as late as 7:30, and if there is someone inside, they ALWAYS let me in and give me next day/2 day service. I find the employees to be very nice. And the auto-pick up thingie is super cool.

  • Tried to take my stuff to OXXO once. There was one guy ahead of me in line dropping off a pile of stuff. Rather than count all the shirts, then all the pants, and ring them up collectively, the clerk rang up each item separately. One shirt … [punch buttons, put shirt aside] … one shirt [punch buttons, put shirt aside] … pants [punch buttons, put pants aside] … etc. I grew so infuriated that I left six items into the pile and took my stuff to Georgetown. OXXO lost me for good that morning, robot pick-up or not.

  • @Perry: That’s because each item gets its own barcode in order to keep track of it for the automatic pickup. Though all times that I’ve been there they’ve had two people manning the registers.

    There were a couple times that I went to pick up and items from a previous time were stuck in the automatic door. However, interestingly, when I put my card in the slot (not having looked to see the jam) the computer errored as expected, but the nice bit is that I got a call the next day to say that they’d seen that I’d tried to pick up and that I could do so that night.

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