To help deal with a spam problem I’ve been having, when leaving a comment you’ll notice there is a new line to fill in. On this new fourth line simply write Petworth. Thanks.

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  • it is now a simple matter of entering the word.

  • sounds good, but how do you spell petworth?

    what if i’m in a different zipcode?


    does this work?

    why isn’t anyone answering?


  • Prince Of Petworth

    I hear you poo poo. Now do your homework!

  • Ah SPAM, something I hear about at work regularly… It seems that spam filtering is only a step ahead of the spammers.

    Do you think the spammers are really making money?

    Or do they get enjoyment out of annoying users and circumventing filtering?

  • In these challenging times of malicious spam set upon our intellectual destruction I propose we engage in a petworth/pacific cultural exchange program… I have it on the greatest authority that our pacific brethran consume more spam per capita than anyone. As I see it we all win, a few lucky pethwortians get a few weeks on the North Shore and our Hawaiian cousins get all the spam they can handle.

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