On Your Mark, Get Set…

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Lane Bryant first store to open at DCUSA in Columbia Heights.

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  • this is so depressing….

  • Walked around the building this weekend. I can’t wait. Sure, Lane Bryant is not for me, but Target is nice for eh.. toilet paper, so is Best Buy for gadget outings, Bed, Bath & Beoynd for something bubbly or soft, Marshalls for boxer shorts, the Sports Club for swetting etc. And I am still hopefull Ellwood Thompson comes. And the row of restaurants accross the street is just fantastic. What a change for the better. The only worry is traffic of course.

  • I drove by last night and there is already merchandise on display in the store. I am very curious about the madhouse atmosphere that may ensue on opening day next weekend. I wish i had the view of the new security cameras…

  • Lol.. yep.. perhaps they will indeed “sneak open” on Wednesday to reduce the pressure on the official launch date.

  • wednesday the looting of target begins… i agree with leslie, i wanna see the security cam footage.

    my favorite thing about the new building is the bed bath and beyond sign. as of the other day it only lit up “BE BAT” or something like that. not a good start if they can’t keep the sign lit and it hasnt even opened yet.

  • Lane Bryant? Isn’t that a store for “big girls”?

  • @j of the jtl:
    I agree! The BE BAT sign is a clear sign of the ghetto-ness to come. Love it. 🙂

  • Toby, yes. They’ll do great in CH I am afraid.. 😉

  • You’ve got to be kidding me. People are all sizes, and all people need clothes. Chill.

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