Neat Neighborhood Find: RCKNDY

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It’s pronounced rock candy. I never would have got it on my own. Anyway, this is another one of the stores that I always walk by but never stop in. As many of you know I’m a huge fan of the word sweet, so when I saw “sweet decor” I had to check it out. It is located at 1515 U Street and opened up last June. I knew I made the right move checking it out when I walked in and the first thing I found were pigs for sale! So I spoke with owner, David Dennis, who actually lives in Petworth about the store. Dennis describes the store as “modern, colorful and we don’t take ourselves too seriously yet everything’s functional.” He chose to open the store in the U Street neighborhood because he wanted to be a part of a neighborhood that was “eclectic, like me”, he said. He came up with the name RCKNDY because “rock candy is colorful, bright and comes in a variety of flavors and has a little bit of an edge to it and that’s what the store’s all about.” If you are in the market for some sweet decor I highly recommend you check it out. Lots of photos after the jump, including the pigs of course.





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  • I really like those wall hangings (plates?) in the last photo. And of course, the pigs. Even though I really don’t NEED any of that stuff I’m tempted to check it out.

  • Funny, I could read that it said rock candy. Must be some kind of test for that. Anyway, the store looks beautiful and I wish them well.

  • Those same damned Alessi products as in every other design store.. 😉 The other stuff looks more interesting though.

  • I went in there for the first time a few weeks back. Some of the stuff they have is pretty cool, but hella expensive like *whoa*. Or maybe I’m just cheap. I’m happy to have independent businesses in town, and I hope he does well, but I’ll have to buy my decor elsewhere, unfortunately. If you’ve got money to burn though, check it out, cause it is a fun store.

  • Looks like a cool place. It’s just that there are a lot of places that sell this kind of stuff [I agree with GforGood]. And I wish I could afford to buy some of those sweet retro tea sets!

  • David is my neighbor! He is a real sweetheart. Everyone shop at his store and buy lots of stuff. 🙂

  • I’ve been to this store many times and am a huge fan. I disagree that you can find this stuff elsewhere – I am a frequent shopper and I’ve not seen the variety of Alessi and other items anywhere else. No it’s not cheap but frankly why does design need to be bargain basement prices? The management has done a great job of editing the huge variety of modern design offerings out there. Love it!

  • The chandelier pattern on those wall hangings looks like it came straight out of Josephine Lounge on Vermont Ave.

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