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  • They were filming a scene for Russell Crowe’s new movie all day yesterday at Ben’s. So he wasn’t visiting there to eat, but rather to film a scene… the Universal Studio people were actually really rude to me and my roommate (we live right around the corner on 12th street). I’m glad they’re gone today…

  • How were they rude? What did they do?

  • They told my roommate she couldn’t walk her dog on our street, and then told me I couldn’t walk to my own apartment building. They made me wait a few minutes until their take was done, which would have been fine if they weren’t incredibly rude about the way they said it. Like I was inconveniencing them by walking down my street in my neighborhood. I understand they’re shooting a film and that they need to get a shot, but why not be polite to the people who live and work in the neighborhood/city they’re shooting in. Plus they were paying extras to walk up/down the street, which is exactly what I would have been doing if they didn’t stop me and make me wait. I also got cat called by approximately 3 of their crew members, but that’s nothing new for me on U street.

  • He also made appearance at Shamrockfest with Great Big Sea.

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