Door of the Day

IMG_7197, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

You can admit it, this is a pretty cool door. Actually which do you prefer solid wood or the ones with glass?

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  • I know some would agrue that glass brings light in which is always a good thing, but I love a solid wood door. Not one of those cheap doors you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot. I’m talking about an old school, solid wood door.

  • My big fat opinion is that this is the best “door of the day” so far.
    I love the etched glass. I know in my house if my front door didn’t have glass, my living room would be pretty dark. I am all for natural light!

  • check out the Brass Knob (1st and N) if you like doors

  • Was this photo taken recently? Anyone know what those climbing plants are that would be thriving this time of year?

    Gorgeous door. I love the glass.

  • this is one mother effing nice door, and i don’t fake curse often.

  • Parkwood — I’m not sure from the photo, but I think the vine might be Clematis armandii, since there aren’t that many evergreen vines for our zone and it doesn’t look like any kind of ivy. I’d also be interested in knowing what the vine is.

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