Best Tree Ever?

IMG_7056, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Where are my botanists? What type of tree is this?

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  • It looks like a contorted filbert, also known as Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick. Latin name is Corylus avellana.

  • I want one! How can I get something like this?

  • Most of the local nurseries carry this plant, perhaps even Garden District on 14th Street.

  • Behnke’s carries them. I bought a house once with a 60 year old Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick tree in the yard. I noticed in summer that the leaves wilted and I sorta freaked thinking that it might be about to die. So I took a sprig to Behnke’s and they told me that “it was pampered as a youth,” that it was watered regularly. Turns out, he was right. Original owner worked at the National Arboretum!

  • we bought one last year and had a bear of a time finding it…had to go waaaay out in VA. But, that being said, we love it and it does a great job of keeping the meters accesible without being the first thing one sees.

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