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Has Anyone Been To Veranda?

by Prince Of Petworth February 27, 2008 at 12:58 am 9 Comments

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It was closed when I walked by it, but it looks fantastic through the windows. What’s the scoop?

  • Noah

    I’ve been there for drinks and for brunch, but not dinner. The wine’s are definitely reasonably priced, but I’m not nearly enough of a wine drinker to comment on the selection or quality. Pretty good bear and liquor selection as well.

    The atmosphere is much more chill than, say, Cork, where it’s somewhat crazed right now. The place was very inviting and condusive to just hanging out for a while with a few drinks, and the bartender and staff are way friendly. My wife and I have gone back a couple times because of the good experience on our first visit.

    Their brunch is pretty good. Pretty basic menu, but tasty. Prices are a little high, but in line with brunch at similar establishments. Overall I’m definitely a fan of Veranda.

  • Ed

    I went there once. Weakest. Drinks. Ever.

  • I’ve eaten dinner at Veranda twice and enjoyed both meals a lot. While it probably won’t be written up in Food and Wine, it’s a quaint neighborhood spot with good dishes. The atmosphere is great, and in warmer weather when they complete their patio, it’ll be a great spot to meet for a glass of wine after work.

    I heard reports from friends of bad service experiences in the first months of opening. I never encountered that, but sadly haven’t made it back since the first week or two of operation. I’d like to think that any such blips were new-restaurant kinks.

  • Anonymous

    Good Brunch on the weekends. Prices not bad, and coffee keeps flowing. They don’t open until 11am, though.

  • The 14thandYous really love this place. We’ve been a few times, and have always had a pleasureable experience. The food is good, the bar selection is good, and Kostos the bartender is a very friendly guy. Wonderful neighborhood place to have around.

  • Anonymous

    Had a fantastic experience at Vernada for dinner but an awful experience there for brunch.

  • PetworthRes

    i’ve been there and to Cork and have to say I liked Cork better. But Veranda is a nice little spot…I would be glad to have it nearby.

  • food.fiend

    Have been twice for dinner, and enjoyed it both times. Of course, the BF lives literally around the corner, so that plays a part in it. But, that being said, a great little neighborhood joint, and I plan on going back with some regularity.

  • loganmo

    Went their twice for dinner. The first time, the service was slow, but the food was good. Right after the food came out (no pun intended), the super flaming chef came out and tried flirting with my boyfriend and I. The second time we went, the service was better, but the food was not as good (that night, it only looked like there were prep cooks in the kitchen-no sign of gay chef anywhere).


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