Wait, They are Subdividing Zones Now?

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What the hell is zone 4C? Incidentally, Let me ask you: Should I sell my car? I never use it really. I’ll use it to buy groceries once every three months and occasionally go golfing but other than that I don’t really use it. Should I just use Zip car? I remember we spoke about the spots outside Domku a while ago. But I forget, can anyone vouch for Zip car?

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  • They were talkinga bout eventually moving to a RPP system based on the ANCs inside the ward, instead of just the ward number, to prevent people parking/riding within their ward to metro (a big problem arond the Fort Totten metro)

  • Zipcar has its drawbacks (bring the car back 30 seconds late and tack on $50 to your tally), but compared to the cost and hassle of owning a car, it’s brilliant. In my chaos of moving I’ve made and canceled reservations a million times with no problems or extra cost (you have up until a few hours before the res to cancel). And you don’t have to pay for gas, though there is the annual fee ($25, I think), which is nothing compared to filling up your own tank all year. I’m not sure about Petworth, but in CH and U Street you can’t go two blocks without finding one or more Zipcars. The pick-up truck comes in really handy sometimes, too.

    Plus Zipcar was doing a deal — which I think is still going on — where you get a certain number of hours free if you give up your car and get a subscription. Might want to check that out.

  • Zipcar is a great idea as is Flexcar. I used Zipcar a lot before I had to buy a car for my business. I really liked that you could rent it for as little as an hour or two or as long as three days without all the extra fees that mainstream car rental companies gouge you with. You also have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. Zipcar has lots of makes and models from Scions to BMWs to pickups. If you’re only driving sporadically you should certainly consider Zipcar.

    Dang! I sound like a salesman. Guess it’s best not to get me started on the deal I got at Carmax…

  • I don’t know when they’ll start (and I live on an street with unrestricted parking, so it doesn’t really matter to me) but they’ve been putting up these ANC-based zone stickers since about mid-december.

  • What about when you want to go play golf? Say, at Cross Creek?

  • Zipcar and Flexcar are in the process of a merger, so soon it’ll all be the same thing. I had a few issues with their service when flexcar first started out, but they seem to have ironed out any kinks and the system works great now. I’ve been car-free for a few years now and love the freedom of not owning a car. As for golf clubs – you can get a small bicycle trailer that’ll easily haul those or a weeks worth of groceries.

  • Sell the car, buy a vintage motorcycle with saddle bags (for groceries), a highback chopper seat with sissy bar (to strap clubs to), a copy of Haynes Motorcycle Manual, and grow a handlebar mustache… just a thought.

  • The zone subdivisions are part of a pilot project being run in Ward 4, looking into issuing guest permits to residents. You should have received information on this in the mail about 6 weeks ago. Anyhow:

  • I second what Heather said above. I learned the hard way that if I estimate I’ll only need 2 hours of time, I still rent it for 3 hours because that extra $9-ish is worth the peace of mind and the not getting socked for the other $40 when say DC traffic decides not to cooperate.

    That being said, I live by the Soldier’s Home and have been car free for almost 2 years now. Then again, the H8 stops almost outside my place, so getting groceries for me is as easy as hopping off the Metro at CH, running into Giant (because seriously, the GA Ave Safeway smells like something died in there in 1968 and is still rotting everytime I got in there), then transferring to the H8 to ride home.

  • If you really use that little, sell your car and save your insurance etc. money (you could save a lot money by also cooking more often.. that would mean you would do groceries more often every 3 months though.. ;-)).

    Besides Zipcar and Flexcar, you can use the taxi (if you can get one): even better, you can drink beer to and from grocory store and the golf course..

  • I should say, I actually still rent a car from Avis if I need something overnight. I think Zipcar’s full day fee ($70-80) is ridiculous when you can get a rental for half that much ($19 + the extra fees and gas) and your window for pickup and return is not so to-the-second. But then, there is an Avis right next to my office, so it probably wouldn’t be worth it if I had to haul somewhere.

  • zipcar and flexcar have spaces on Upshur by domku. it’s a great idea and i support it 100% but they don’t allow dogs, and since a lot of the time i use my car is to take my dog somewhere, it doesn’t work.

  • Yeah, and you can get your groceries delivered for cheap through peapod.com or other services.

  • I sold my car in August when I realized that a) I was only driving it once a week to move it to the other side of the street for street-cleaning and b) it had been broken into sometime during the week and I didn’t even realize it. I joined Zipcar and Flexcar (now merged) but have only used it twice because I’ve found that taxis/Peopod/Avis are generally cheaper for what I need to do. I’m keeping track of all of the expenses of not owning a car (the taxis, rentals, etc.) and plan to compare at the end of the year. I’ll let you know, but so far it’s much cheaper than insurance and gas, and I didn’t even have a car payment.

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