Ridiculously Nice Playground and Accompanying Mural

IMG_6339, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Now since I recently turned 33 I haven’t been going to playgrounds as frequently as I have last year. My knees are starting to hurt a bit. And I get really funny looks. But I stumbled upon a dope sky playground on Westminster Street just off of 9th Street, NW. If you are under 33 or have little children it is imperative that you check it out. It is not a huge playground but it is surrounded by beauty. There is this phenomenal mural and other pieces of art scattered throughout. Check out more photos after the jump.

There are about a dozen of the pieces like the one below.

Below is another example.

Below is a plaque mentioning the artist.

Below is a close up of the mural.

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  • I work for national non-profit here in Washington DC called KaBOOM!. We have a tool on our website that I often dub the “youtube” of playgrounds. Its a huge, user generated database of playgrounds (and more) that we call Playspace Finder.

    Is there any chance I could talk you, oh PoP, to create an account at http://www.kaboom.org and add your great write up and photos of this playground to the playspace finder?

    Check out the listing for this playspace at http://www.kaboom.org/tabid/285/CurrentPlaySpaceID/3229/Default.aspx.

    That would be fantastic of you very appreciated PoP! I invite all PoP readers to check out the DC listings in Playspace Finder and add any photos or comments of the playgrounds in your neighborhoods.

  • Westminster might be my favorite street in DC…wish we could afford to buy there.

  • Hmm I’m turning 33 in a month, guess I’ve gotta make this pilgrimage before that deadline, eh?

  • Dude, I’m 34 and childless and will totally be going down that slide. You’re only as old as you make yourself.

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