More Restaurants For My Friends Up In North Country

Ethiopian Restaurant2, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

A reader has been a big fan of this Ethiopian Restaurant on 14th and Crittendon. By the by I think Crittendon is probably the weirdest name I’ve heard for a street. Crtittendon, say it a few times. Just like banana. Banana is very weird word as well if you say it a few times. And if you drink a lot beers. Sorry back to the Ethiopian Restaurant. Has anyone eaten here? The reader sent me this photo but I’m actually, also, quite intrigued by “Ana’s” next door. I dig the take out Pupusas sign.

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  • I think Crittenden isnt that weird. Not as much as Quackenbos further up north.

  • I live just south of Crittenden. Because I have too much time on my hands, i researched the name a year ago when we moved there. Apparently it’s named for KY Senator Crittenden, who tried to avert the Civil War with something of a Crittenden Compromise, by which most Southern slaveowners would be allowed to keep their slaves. Despite his best redneck efforts, the senator’s bill failed to gain enough support and South Carolina seceded.

  • Whoa there. I love on Crittenden – east side! Leave my street name alone, Pops, or I will send my crew after you!

  • I always thought it was named for Thomas L. Crittenden, a Union army general and the son of that Kentucky senator, but J.Con may have taught me something. Many streets/places in the city are named for Army engineers (who basically ran the city for years and years): Beach Drive, Delafield St., Hains Point, Kutz Bridge, J.G. Totten, to name a few.
    But as for that area in the post, isn’t the “bus barn” supposed to be developed into something?

  • Could be, but he streets that run east west in the city start with letters, then go to two syallable names, in alphabetical order, then three and I think it even reaches four in the pointy (techincal word) northern part.

  • Not 4 syllables but flowers/plants — Aspen, Butternut, Cedar, Dahlia, etc.

  • My guess is it’s named after the Union general and not the KY senator, just because at the time DC was being laid out sympathies were not with the south (even though DC seems to be more a southern city today). I don’t think I have ever seen any major landmark in DC named for a confederate military hero, but there are plenty of Union ones…case in point would be Sheridan (Union general and did his best to wipe out the Indians out west) and Sherman (scorched earth campaign through the south) circles.

  • I live on Crittenden St too. (Glad I don’t live on Quackenbos.) The two blocks on 14th St. where these restaurants–as well as the seemingly never again to open Mocha Hut–are located are really starting to develop nicely. That said, I haven’t eaten at either the Ethiopian Restaurant or Ana’s. The bus barn is supposed to be developed as something, but I haven’t heard anything about it for a while. It’s still in use as a bus barn.

  • I love Ana’s. The food is so good. It is made fresh while you wait and the women that work there are so friendly.

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